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Tone Your Arms + Flat Abs At Home | (20-Minutes!)

hi guys FOMO back to my youtube video so today we are going to be doing abs and arms and into battle style so if you guys are interested in this kind of workout continue to watch okay so for this workout like I said it's the batter style workout so it's going to be 20 seconds on at 10 seconds of rest there's going to be four circuits in total two will be for the arms two will be for the ABS so please make sure you guys have done a bit of a warm-up or if you need some water obviously keep it nearby just in case but without further ado we're just going to jump straight in okay hair is up and we're ready to go gonna go straight into the first workout which it's going to be for your arms so first exercises to push up and then you're going to go into commando and then the base it just going to switch it and we're going to do in total 4 rounds of each so I'm going to set the timer up and we're gonna get going together so make sure you guys have enough room just to do the workout I am set up the mums so get ready to get a push up I'm gonna go on my knees so this this will be the modification and obviously you want to go as quick as you can but at the same time you want to be true to form – keep going perfect see you my sister ten seconds are you gonna go – come on des which are planks going up like this and then down so when you're ready drop your side [Music] let's just call it spectra when you're doing this you guys are squeezing your abs to enable have it so what is it just going to go straight back into the push-up now it's a five second exercise [Music] my arms are burning already I've such weak arms so like I said the next exercise is the commando so make sure you guys already in your plank position now so I tried to switch sides if my all behaviors going down on the right sides begin my blue switch to the left perfect so again next exercise will be able push up if you build advisable strength you can do a proper to shop please do I just haven't gotten any exercise [Music] I can feel it I hope you feel it come on Dave 10 seconds guys so you've only got one more round so one more set push-ups one more set of commandos ready exercise [Music] you're gonna rise I heard that okay so commandoes is the final one [Music] [Music] perfect so that's the end of the arm you guys have earned her some rest so let's rest okay so the next exercise is obviously targeting your abs like I said so the first workout is going to be in and our abs which is when you're in this position long then you go in out and then it's gonna be straight up opposite side crunch so we're basically kicking the exact same sort of circuit but obviously now we're targeting the ABS so let's get it going guys ready so I like to keep my crunch just keep yourself going make sure you're sucking your navel to your spine you don't going to bring your legs down too far cut up your back foot nice and [Music] then the next exercise is of course [Music] ready legs up and one two make sure you're bringing your shoulder eggs of straw live in a crunch see but squeezing the ABS perfect grab one second one [Music] one thing I do like to do is I like to make my hands touch with me because I don't encroach more so then you try that [Music] I'm sorry I'm not going to consider where my line is so big if you guys have to bend your knees at all like this that's honestly not something for my vacation please do we have to or if you want to play straight legs or twisting round [Music] we should be breathing quickly so don't hold your breath cuz I used to do that ready legs now exercise what you've got along the edge put six seconds push through yes one more set and then we're doing about the second it's okay well halfway through then ready [Music] [Music] by that side when you guys celebrate [Music] Jake clearly means of us so rest up my laughs and we'll be going into the next on [Music] all right so I'm just going to explain what the next exercise is so if you're going to do tricep dips so you're gonna be in this position and you're gonna be in this position like my word and you're just gonna be down like this so we're just going to be doing that for the timer and in the next exercise is you're gonna be in a plank position you're gonna do for mountain climbers like this and then you're gonna go into a push-up so that's the routine we're gonna get it common now so with this exercise again make sure you're sucking in your belly we don't want to bomb to completely touch the floor you just want to type it and then like I said it will be for mountain climbers where's a push-up so you can do it adaption normal push-up try to have this one [Music] oh yes as you can see that's hard for me I'm trying to get read to my ox guys perfect you know what's next as lovely mountain climbers gonna push up I hope your arms are burning like mine sound like when I got to the gin yeah sometimes a boys bye and don't go on I'm gone maybe there's a hoodie like I'm sorry Jones have got a long way to go [Music] perfect mountain climbers quit a push-up [Music] exercise push-ups again harder okay go one more step each then went on with your mom's Oh ready tricep dips sorry guys have got interrupted back to the tabata find it you know what it was two three four push up one got luckily it's only a two minute stop okay so it doesn't notice you sizing okay so your next exercise is going to be a bicycle crunch and then we're going to go into a reverse crunch so rest up for a couple more seconds then we're going to get going gonna set the timer again going in so bicycle crunches exercise [Music] I have to put much before staying that people said that they could hear poppy when they were doing this in their hips I get that too I'm not sure what that means but I just try and stretch before and after [Music] ok so the next exercise is reverse crunches so really exercise one and just tap I'm going straight back up again [Music] fast approaches hey ready [Music] you know what's next reverse punch and then people halfway through this circuit split up a lot left good exercise one if you guys feel like you also need support walk on your back you can put a towel or and that underneath you I'm normally okay this I have complet but please do have rhythm to your back in English [Music] if you guys would speed it up as well turn dicks just make sure that you are doing the workout you are thinking about your app perfect make sure you are reading that pushing up my fila push up your apps and help you gauge them one more second guys we are done you guys done so well [Music] final exercise gonna get it [Music] take about apps apps yeah I'm gonna stop that she's gonna start talking otherwise so that is the end of your tip butter on an ab workout guys I hope that you really did enjoy this please don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button the citrine and poplar channel if you guys have any comments please don't forget to leave them below and of course if you guys wanna see another ty

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