15 MIN SLIM & LONG LEG STRETCH | Calves & Thighs Slimming ~ Emi

hi guys today we are doing a 15 minute stretch for longer and Slimmer legs to elongate the tight and bowed up muscles like our quads hamstrings cast this is one of my personal favorite I do this at least three times a week so I would love to share it with you guys and if you're ready let's go 22 stretches will hold each one for 30 seconds with 10 seconds transition time in between first one half stretch three two one let's begin press the heel of your back leg onto the floor sit lower feel the stretch in your calf [Music] again [Music] next we'll switch [Music] third we're going into forward fold [Music] three two one you can place your hands on the floor or hold on to your big toe with elbows pointing out feeling the stretch in your back and legs [Music] [Music] fourth deep lunge [Music] three two one front leg Bend sit forward and lower view the Deep stretch and your hip flexors and the pod on your back legs [Music] good Ness [Music] foreign stay on the same side and get into hamstring stretch three two one bring your hip back front leg straight back like Bend Bend forward to stretch the hamstring off your front legs [Music] next switch leg for deep lunge three two one again sit lower as you lunge forward to deepen the stretch [Music] [Applause] [Music] come true [Music] three two one sit back for hamstring stretch [Music] oh my gosh oh just take my hand don't you use [Music] [Music] eighth is even deeper lunch [Music] three two one you can open up your knee and try place your elbows on the ground if you cannot you can also just place your hands on the floor [Music] come on [Music] slow down [Music] change side three two one press lower enjoy the Deep stretch step myself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right next one is sitting hamstring stretch [Music] three two one one leg Bend one leg straight Bend forward to try touch your toes to stretch the hamstring off your straight leg foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] try to keep your back flat and not rounded [Music] back up again [Music] toast is wide leg stretch Love Away three two one place your legs as wide apart as you can extend your arms to the sky then Bend forward you can put your hands in front or if you can go even lower you can place your elbows on the ground [Music] oh [Music] 13th pigeon with lick up three two one right leg Bend in front slide your left leg Back Square your hips and you can bring your torso down into a forward bend [Music] if you want a deeper stretch you can bend your back leg and hold your foot pressing it towards your body [Music] all right switch side [Music] three two one start [Music] this is a great hip opener stretching the thighs groin and back you can try bend your back leg and hold it at the back day today [Music] hip stretch three [Music] two one cross one leg over the other bend knee rest in your ankle just above your knee push your torso towards your knees to feel the stretch in the back of your hip [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] into today's stretch session already keep up the good work foreign [Music] [Music] three two one in all fours push back through your hands to lift your hips into upside down V Bend one leg at a time and walking down dog we're stretching out the hamstring calves and back here [Music] then straighten both legs keep pressing through your arms and shoulders [Music] 18th single leg down dog [Music] three two one similar to the previous stretch but this time lift one leg up and place it behind the other focusing on the stretch and the calf of the leg on ground three two one switch leg press and lift your hip more for a deeper stretch [Music] 19th lick up stretch three two one lying on the ground bring one leg up towards the sky pull it towards your torso feeling the stretch in the back of your whole leg [Music] s next add a lick [Music] three two one leg up stretch it out [Music] 21st is quad stretch [Music] three two one Bend one leg and pull it backwards to your side you can support your torso on your elbows or you can lie down on the floor [Music] if you want an even deeper stretch you can bend your other leg with knee up foreign [Music] this is the final stretch enjoy it away [Music] bend your straight leg for more stretch [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and we are done hope you had a great stretch with me today and I'll see you again very soon hello [Music]

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