Quick Toned Abs Workout (6 Minutes)

hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel i am so excited to begin filming once again and today we are kicking off with an ab workout so i hope you are excited for this one all of these exercises that i'm doing have been approved by my postpartum physio i'm now back at a total normal state for me to continue doing my normal workout so without further ado let's get into one of my favorite things abs [Music] okay guys so to begin you're going to be in a side plank with your knee on the floor top leg straightened out and all you're going to do is you're going to lift it and crunch in towards your chest now with this move you want to make sure that your foot doesn't touch the ground for the entire time that we're doing this routine and you also want to make sure that you're exhaling as you bring that knee towards your chest and inhale as you come back up keep the core contracted and really think about contracting those muscles as you come in and out [Music] this move is really great at hitting those obliques as well as the lower and top abs [Music] that's it keep pushing through [Music] excellent job guys for the next move we are going to be coming down onto the floor so come down onto your back [Music] for the next your feet are going to be in tabletop position and all you're going to do is come up into a sit-up position and into a u-boat so calm down come up and then bring those legs up to me in a u-boat and then we're just going to hold that for a couple of seconds now with this move the trick is to make sure that you are contracting those abs through the whole move keep everything tucked in bring those legs up to a nice 90 degree when you come into the u-boat hold and then come down so you want to exhale as you come up hold inhale exhale as you come down great work guys keep going i know this one is challenging if you need to modify don't bring your legs up into the u-boat at the end you guys can just come up into a standard sit-up position [Music] excellent job guys the next one you're going into is the same side crunch but you're going to be doing on the opposite side now it's the exact same thing that we did in the first move remember with this movement you want to make sure that you're exhaling as you bring that leg up to meet your chest and then kick the leg out [Music] that's it keep pushing through guys not long left [Music] i can still [Music] excellent work for the next movie i want you to come down onto the floor again onto your back and for this smooth you're going to make sure that your legs are both up in table top position and then all you're going to do is you're going to come up into a crunch position and you're going to rotate and twist your arm to meet the outside of your calf [Music] so what you can do guys is you can do what i'm doing and rest in between each of the crunches or if you really want to kick it up a notch you can just continue to go from the left and to the right make sure your stomach is nice and contracted everything's tucked in your pelvis is neutral your back is on the floor and make sure you're really reaching across and getting those shoulder blades to come off of the floor when you tap the calf [Music] excellent work guys rest here just for a couple of seconds before we go into the next move now for this one your feet are going to be touching the floor your arms are going to be back behind your head and as you lift your head up into a crunch you're going to bring your legs up with your arms and they're just going to meet in the center now this move is not quick i want you to go slow i want you to think about every single crunch that you're performing keep that stomach contracted exhale as you come up hands touch the knee and slowly bring it back down this is not a quick move this is all about quality [Music] fabulous work guys keep going keep breathing [Music] excellent just a couple more [Music] well done and now we've got one more move to perform guys and then you will be done with your quick toned abs so you're going to come into all fours position and we're going to be going into a bare plank crunch so what you're going to do is you're going to push your body lift your knees off of the floor and you're just quickly going to march in and out with those legs bringing those knees towards the chest and crunching those abs keep that back nice and straight and make sure that you're making that stomach sucked in holding everything together that's it keep going if you need to come down and take a rest at any point you're more than welcome to [Music] excellent work guys nearly finished and that is it well done for completing your ab routine with me so that's the end of the workout guys i hope you all really did enjoy this ab workout if you did don't forget to give me a like and subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and if you guys are looking for a program you know to start the new year then definitely check out my free quiz in the description box below to find the best training program for you

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