Abs and Leg Workout In BED (10 Mins)

(air whooshes) – In today's routine, I'm gonna be sharing with you an ab and leg workout that you can do in bed. Yes, guys, in bed. I've had many people ask me for a bed workout. So that's exactly what I'm gonna give you today, and if you wanna work out in your pajamas, then absolutely do. Just make sure that you follow my cues and perform each of exercise to the best of your ability. And before you jump into this workout today, I wanna invite you to become a member of Pink Dragon. In Pink Dragon, you'll be able to finally start seeing the results with quick and effective workouts in just 15 minutes or less. In Pink Dragon, we believe in less is more. That means easy to prepare meals, quick and effective workouts, and mindset shifts to bring you total confidence and consistency. I'll show you how to utilize your workouts in the best way possible while also shifting your mindset in a unique and fun way. And not only that, but inside the program I give you access to an amazing onboarding system for a whole week giving you vital tips that will set you up for success. So make sure to join Pink Dragon, and become a member of this unique app that uses behavioral science to give you the results you have always wanted. So click on the link in the description box below for more information today. (air whooshes) (chill music) Okay, guys, so for your first move of this routine, you're just just gonna be doing some crunches. So you wanna lay all the way back, feet planted on the floor. And we just wanna come up nice and slowly and down. Make sure with this move that you're keeping that navel sucked into your spine, and your exhaling as you come up into that crunch. Inhale as you come down. Really squeeze those abs. (chill music) That's it, guys, we're doing 50 seconds of each move. (upbeat music) That's it, guys, keep going, keep crunching. (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. 10 second rest here before you go into the next move which is gonna be roll ups. (countdown beeping) So legs are gonna be all the way out, straight, and all you're gonna do is come back, and then you're just gonna roll up and touch the ankles and come down. That's it, nice and controlled. This isn't an exercise to be rushed. Do it at your own pace. Make sure that you're really controlling those abs as you come up. (upbeat music) That's it, breathe out as you come up. Inhale as you roll back down. (upbeat music) Keep going, guys. Down, and come up. (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. Come all the way down now onto your back, and for the next move you're gonna be doing some scissor legs. (countdown beeping) So all you're gonna do is keep those legs nice and straight, toes pointed, and all you're gonna do is move one leg forward, one leg back, and just alternate between the two. Now if you wanna make this a little bit more intense, you can bring your neck off of the bed, or just keep it flat on the bed like I'm doing. (upbeat music) Again, make sure that core's engaged, keep it sucked in the entire time. (upbeat music) That's it, guys, keep going. I know this burns. (upbeat music) (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Fabulous work, guys. The next move you're going into is bicycles. So this is gonna help to tuck the obliques and the upper abs and the lower abs. All you're gonna is alternate between bringing one elbow to the opposite knee, and then just switch between those two. This move is nice and controlled. Make sure you're really bringing the shoulder blades off of the floor when you are twisting your body. (upbeat music) That's it, remember to breathe, guys. Don't hold your breath. (upbeat music) – Rest. – Excellent work. 10 second rest here. The next move you're going into is bridges. So this is gonna help to tuck the glutes. (countdown beeping) So all you wanna do is drive your hips and your bum up towards the ceiling, and you wanna make sure that you're squeezing at the top and lowering your bum back to the floor nice and controlled. (upbeat music) That's it, guys, really squeeze at the top there. And down. (upbeat music) (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. The next move we're going into is saddle crunches. (upbeat music) (countdown beeping) So let's bring those legs up, and all you're gonna do is open and close. Now this is gonna help to tuck those inner thighs as well as the lower abs. So you wanna move as quickly as you can, and just open and close. (upbeat music) Keep that core sucked in, guys. Make sure it's engaged the entire time. (upbeat music) (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. 10 second rest, and then I want you to come onto your side facing me, and we're gonna do some leg raises. (countdown beeping) So let's just bring that leg up and down nice and controlled. (upbeat music) Again, make sure you're keeping that core engaged even while you're lifting those legs. That's it, up, down. (upbeat music) That's it, keep those toes pointed up and down. (upbeat music) (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. For the next move, I want you to bring your legs together, feet touching, and we're just gonna do some clams. (countdown beeping) So open and close, that's it. (upbeat music) That's it, keep those toes together. (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. Let's switch on over to the other side. (countdown beeping) We're going straight into that leg raise. Opposite legs, so up and down. (upbeat music) That's it, keep going, guys. Only one left. (countdown beeping) – Rest. – Excellent work, guys. For the final exercise, we're just going to keep doing those clams, but on the other leg. Make sure those toes are connected. Keep them together the entire time, and open and close those legs. (upbeat music) That's it, keep going like that, guys. (speaks faintly over music) And that's it, guys. Rest, well done completing this workout. (air whooshes) So, guys, if you liked this workout, then make sure to hit the subscribe button and give this video a big like. And if wanna become a member of Pink Dragon, providing you with effective short workouts, mindset shifts, and a community for support, click on the link below. Now I wanna turn it over to you. Did you enjoy this bed routine today? Let me know in the comments below. (air whooshes) (upbeat music)

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