Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. As you can see, I am not at home today. I am currently in the beautiful Bintan Island, Indonesia. If you are interested in my travel vlog, I will put the link to the relevant video here, so Today I will take you through a fifteen-minute set of standing high-intensity interval exercises for fat loss and muscle gain. You also mentioned that you like the standing exercise video I uploaded before. I also posted a simplified version of this exercise on IG. Later, Femily told me that she hoped I would publish a more complete version on the channel, so today’s video includes many of my personal favorite cellulite exercises. This set of exercises is very challenging, but fun and convenient because it stands This pose does not require a yoga mat, and it is actually very suitable for people with back discomfort because the whole process does not require pressure on the back. When you are ready, start without further delay! Emi: Am I a little far away? Chad: Yeah, kind of. Should you come over more or should I step forward? Okay, let’s start with the first movement. The first movement is the windmill warm-up. This movement helps activate the muscles of the whole body, including the limbs and core muscles, wakes up the body, and starts burning fat. Open the legs, with the toes pointing outwards, and open the arms horizontally outwards to keep the core and legs. Lean down with all your muscles, twist your body, and touch your right ankle with your left hand. At this time, your right hand points to the sky and your head turns to your right hand. This movement exercises to twist our waist as much as possible to ensure that the core is adducted and your back is straight. Thinking about it, you can also increase the speed to increase the difficulty. The first movement is completed. It is quite simple. Now we have to go one step further. The next movement is squat jumping jacks. This movement is not so easy. Hold both hands and place them on the chest. Keep your back straight and don't hold your chest. When squatting, your legs should at least drop to the same height as your knees. After squatting to the bottom, jump up immediately and close your feet. This is a cycle. Return to the squatting position. Your legs will soon be super sore and weak. , I, understand, you, but you also know what I want to say: no pain (soreness) no gain! What we want is this kind of soreness. Don't give up and hold on! Don't be lazy when jumping up. Your efforts will be reflected in the fat reduction effect. This action is indeed not easy, but the next action we completed is to kick your legs and touch your toes. You can take a breath and stand up straight, holding your hands. Roll up your abdomen with your head, kick up your left leg and touch your right toes with your left hand. During the process, keep your back straight. Your abdominal muscles should drive your legs to lift the whole movement. Try to straighten your legs. If necessary, you can bend your knees slightly and alternate left and right for 45 seconds. Remember. It's the abdominal muscles that are working hard, especially focusing on using the lower abdomen to drive the legs. It feels good. Now let's do the next set. Lunge, raise the legs, hands on hips, open the chest, and straighten the back. First, we step back with the right foot to lunge and then forward. Straighten your legs, tighten your buttocks, and bend your right leg to raise it in front of you. Quickly tap your palms under your knees to do one side first, and then switch to the other side after 22 seconds. Continue to remember that when doing a lunge, forward and backward. The legs are at 90 degrees. The key is to use both legs hard to maintain balance and push harder. This set will be over soon and another set will be completed. The fifth action is left and right figure skating. If you have never been exposed to this action, don’t be afraid. Just follow it slowly. This action requires a certain amount of hand and foot coordination. But if you are already familiar with it, don't be polite to yourself, OK? First, bend your knees, extend your left foot behind the outside of your right foot, and lean your upper body forward. Try to touch your left heel with your right hand and then straighten your body. Place your right foot toward your left foot, touch your left foot with your right hand, and then slowly speed up after familiarizing yourself with the movement. To increase the intensity, we just want to feel the pain. The more painful it is, the more effective it will be. No matter what, I won't let you give up! So we have completed two-thirds of the exercise. You are really awesome. The sixth action is the unilateral squat. This action moves the inner and outer thighs and buttocks. This is also one of my favorite low-impact leg exercises. Open your legs to a certain distance, place your hands on your chest and put your weight on one side, buttocks back and down, bend one leg to 90 degrees, straighten the other leg and squat down as if someone is pulling your butt back. When returning to standing, push from the heels and alternate left and right until the end of 45 seconds. Keep your hips tight and your back straight. If you have good flexibility, you can also squat deeper, which will make it more difficult. No matter what, keep your confidence! Don't give up, believe me, persistence is victory. The seventh movement is the familiar jumping jack. It is simple and unsophisticated, but the effect is outstanding. Put your legs together, put your hands down by your sides. When you jump up, open your legs and draw your arms in a circle. When you land, Close your legs and return your arms to the starting position. Jump higher and faster, and the higher the intensity. Jumping jacks always look easier than doing them. Doing jumping jacks continuously for 45 seconds is really not a joke, but in order to achieve your goal, you must persist to the end. Believe me, it was torture for me to do it standing in the hot sun, but I haven’t stopped yet, so you can’t stop drinking water and taking a breath. We will start the eighth movement right away. The eighth movement is squatting, raising the legs and turning around. When you stand up after a normal squat, put your center of gravity to one side, lift the other leg and touch the knee of the leg with your elbow in the opposite direction. Alternate left and right. Lifting the leg for 45 seconds can exercise your lower abdomen, and turning around can exercise it. At the same time, in order to keep your center of gravity stable, you will also use your core strength, so this action not only exercises your legs, but is also very beneficial to your abdominal muscles. Keep your back straight, open your chest, and hold on! It's easy to do this movement without distinction. I myself did it wrong sometimes, but this is not the key point. The key point is not to stop your legs and complete another movement. The next movement is the side plank. This movement should also be regarded as a standing posture, because we all The process is completed by “standing” with one hand and one foot. Other body parts should not touch the ground. Hold on and don't relax. First, we support the right hand on the ground, with the palm of the hand on the ground and the legs together. Use the outside of the right foot to support the body weight. Point your left hand in a straight line to the sky. This exercise exercises the abdominal muscles, focusing on the waist, arms, shoulders, and wrists. At the same time, because you need to maintain balance, your legs and hips need to exert force. After 22 seconds, change sides and tighten your core to drive the body off the ground. We have already If you have completed half of this set of exercises and believe that you can persevere to the end, don’t give up! Action completed! Now it’s time to do the next exercise. The curtsy squat focuses on training the buttocks and legs. Take a standing position. First, step your left foot back on your right knee and keep it forward. Your left foot falls behind your right foot and outside. Pull your left foot back until it is shoulder width apart from your right foot. After doing a normal squat, switch sides and do the same exercise. Also end with a squat. Alternate left and right for 45 seconds. Whether it’s a squat or a lunge, please remember to use hip strength every time you stand up. Everyone is doing great! Two-thirds of it! Next, let’s do the eleventh movement. How fast can you kick forward in small steps? Do it as fast as you can. Do it for 45 seconds without stopping. Put your hands on your chest and kick forward alternately in small steps. It’s that simple, but this exercise will really make you feel better. Your heart is beating like crazy. You can’t imagine how heartbroken I felt when I was doing this. But we promised ourselves to do a complete set, and now that we are here, we have to grit our teeth and finish it no matter what! Okay, you've finished another part. Drink some water and supplement the next movement. Don't worry, it's a squat without jumping. Extend your legs and put your hands on your chest. Then do a slow-motion squat like this for three seconds. Remember to use your legs. When you squat to the bottom, use your core strength to maintain balance, tighten your buttocks, and straighten your left leg until your toes touch the ground on the left side. Retract your left leg and maintain a deep squat. Then switch to your right leg and repeat the same action to return to the deep squat position. Use your buttocks to exert force. Stand up and repeat for 45 seconds. Your legs should be very sore by this time. But as a person who has experienced it, I suggest that everyone learn to love this kind of soreness, because soreness means that our muscles have been exercised. As I always say, no pain, no pain, no pain. Share the harvest! well done! It will be time to rest soon! The next move is the standing crunch. I like this one because you don’t have to jump! Hold your head with both hands and twist your body to the left. Touch your right elbow with your left leg to return to the neutral position. Twist to the right. This action is very similar to bicycle crunches, but it is a standing version. Do it for 45 seconds. Every time you twist your body, pay attention to the contraction of your abdomen. There are only two more actions left and you’re done! The next movement is the single-leg deadlift. This is also a low-impact movement. You can take a breath and stand on one leg with your right leg. Bend your knees slightly and push your hips back. Lift your left leg back and upward. Keep your balance and keep your hands straight. When touching the ground, exert force on the sole of your right foot and buttocks, return to an upright position, and do this for 22 seconds on each side to exercise our back and gluteal and leg muscles. We are really almost done, so grit your teeth and hold on! Don't stop! finally! finally! Finally the last move! The action of running in place to improve our heart rate again, which is conducive to continuous fat burning, and at the same time help relax the muscles, in fact, this action, as the name implies, is a few centimeters from the ground to the ground. If you feel that the intensity is not enough, you can speed up or increase the range of motion to burn fat more effectively. Turning running into high leg raises is also one of the ways to increase the difficulty. We are almost over and can rest! The above is today’s fifteen-minute standing high-intensity interval exercise. If you insist on finishing it, you (and I) will be really, really awesome! Over time, your efforts will definitely be effective. The most powerful thing about high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) is the sustained fat-burning effect. Basically, your body will be in a fat-burning state within a few hours after finishing HIIT. I hope you like today's exercise. If you haven’t seen our Indonesian VLOG yet, hurry up and do so. See you later!

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