15 Mins Full Body FAT BURN Workout | No Jumping | Beginner Friendly

Hey guys! Welcome back! So, today's workout is a full-body workout, that's gonna work multiple muscle groups at the same time. It's also gonna help you to burn fat. This workout is part of the Lean Abs program and you can find the full schedule over here. Now, don't forget to snap some progress photos and videos so you can share it with the rest of us and also hit that thumbs up button, subscribe, and turn on notifications and let's get started. We have 24 exercises today. Most exercises are 30 seconds, with five seconds rest in-between. Let's start with butt kickers. Kick up your legs behind you. Start slow, then bring up the speed. For low impact, you can just take it slow. Now we have lunge tap. Lunge slightly to one side, then touch your toe with your opposite hand. Now we have snowboarding jump squat. Do a squat and take a 90 degrees jump to the other side. Then do another squat and repeat. For low-impact, you can just do the squats. Get ready for some high knees. Bring your knee up to your hips level, engage your core and do it as fast as you can. You can do it! For low impact, just raise your knee up without the jump. Now, we have double hop burpees. Start in a high plank, then jump both feet in and out, and in again. Then get up and do another jump off the ground. For low impact, just do burpees without the jump. Now, we have jumping jacks. Let's do this as fast as you can and make sure your core is tight. Work those muscles. Now, we have squat with oblique crunch for one whole minute. Squat down and do a twisted crunch as you get up. This works your legs, butt and abs at the same time. Super amazing! Alright now, we have a 15 seconds break and you can take a longer break if you want to. We have push-up toe tap next. Start with push-up and then touch your toe with your opposite hand. If you can't do a regular push-up, you can start with just toe tap only, then eventually you can add some push-ups. Or, you can try knee push-ups. Now, flip around and have your elbow resting on the mat. We are doing bicycles next. This works your abs, so keep pushing. Now, we have up and down with two jacks. Make sure your core is engaged. Come on guys, you can do it! Now, we have V-up with straight-leg crunch. Try your best to do this in good form and I hope your abs is on fire right now. Mountain climbers is next. Tighten up that abs and crank up the speed, guys. We're halfway through the workout. Let's smash this. Next, we have side-plank with a kick, then tabletop with a kick. Start in a side-plank, then kick the top leg in front of you. Then bring the leg back and get into a tabletop position, and kick the other leg up touching your hand. If this is too hard, you can do a side-plank hold. Now, let's do the same on the other side. Do it slow and steady if you're new to the exercise. Now we have walking plank. Walk both legs and hands side-to-side. Make sure your butt is not poking up, and squeeze those abs. Let's take a quick 15 seconds break. You can also take a longer break if you want to. Let's do some squats oblique crunch for another 30 seconds. Squat low, guys. Work those legs and butt. And also your abs! Now squat a little and take a little hop with one leg to the side. For low impact, you can just take a step without the hop. We have shuffle crunch next. Shuffle to one side and crunch and then to the other side. You can do just a crunch only, for the low impact version. Next we have in and out. Jump and bring both of your legs out and then in. Do it fast, but make sure you are doing it in good form. Core tight, back neutral, and all muscles activated. For low impact, just bring one leg out at one time and bring them back in. Now, let's do some standing crunches. We are almost done with the workout, guys. Keep pushing. We have lateral lunge with jump next. Bring one leg to the side and lunge down, then come back up to the center and jump up. For low impact, just do lateral lunge only, without the jump. Let's do the same on the other side. We have plank with shoulder tap next. Do it fast and keep your core engaged. Try not to sway too much and we have one more exercise to go. Let's finish this workout! The final exercise is high knee. Bring up your knee up to your hips level. Do it as fast as you can, core tight and we only have a couple of more seconds to go. That's the workout, guys! You've done well. Don't forget to smash that like button, subscribe and turn on notifications so that you don't miss out on my new program, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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