15min Chest workout (100% Lift & Firm) Reduce oversized breast | No more saggy breast

hi guys welcome back so I know a lot of you guys been asking for a chest workout this workout will help you to lift and firm your breast if your goal is to reduce your breast size which is totally understandable we all have different desire we all have different Beauty standard well for me I am a small chest girly being able to upgrade my breast is my goal but I know some of you have like oversized breast which is very inconvenient for you to move or it's very hard for you to do your daily chor or your daily exercise so if your goal is to reduce it do this workout plus CIO to burn your overall fat because your breast is fat so that you need to heat a lower body fat so that you can reduce your breast size on the other hand if you want to maintain your breast size or even lift your breast do this workout cuz this will help you to prevent saggy breast and I almost forgot stay to the end of this video cuz I'll be sharing some tips on your booby's health okay so without further Ado let's get on to the video okay now let's do some warm up the first one is very easy just swing your arms up and [Music] down every time you swing your arms up try to pull it backward a little bit so that you can open up more of your body and every time you swing your arms down trying to squeeze your chest muscles so dirty Don't Take Your Eyes Off me baby yeah the want what I [Music] [Music] need okay so for the next one hold your hands in face then Chris Cross Your Arms up and and down remember to keep your chest muscle engaged at all time imagine you are squeezing two boobies [Music] together don't just swing your arms up and down remember squeeze your chest muscles you're my my favorite part of the day baby you're coming going crazy about you can't seem get [Music] over your eyes on me [Music] baby okay moving on to the third one Palms facing each other imagine they are pushing against to each other then stick your elbows together without moving your palms 50 seconds are you ready let's do this so back to my heart holding hands with the night hly [Music] [Applause] hope the key here is to pushing your palms against to each other and don't move it only move your elbows come on guys but we never notes if we not give up just say yes cuz baby baby baby baby mayy we're better than that maybe may maybe maybe maybe it's simple as that if there's love after L hope we catch the same yes now keep your palms facing each other stick your elbows together then try to lift your elbows past your nose and this whole time we're squeezing our chest okay are you guys ready 50 seconds let's do this I think too much I don't want to talk about it we talking enough you rather sing about it cuz I'm love I'm love just say cuz baby baby baby baby baby we're better than that come on guys try to lift it as high as you can and don't don't let those elbow fall apart B Flex she want to know me I stay low key all gas no breaks baby let them sleep on make you girl I get in my way never out of my Lane feel like you the one in the one so what is going yes you guys are amazing so for the next one Chris Cross Your Arms out to the front then push your elbows to the back imagine you're holding a heavy Row in your hand in front of you then pull it back let me it down when I on keep your baby I think you should me stay solid one time if you lying with me just promise you never lie to me keep the moves on tuck I know it's all love everything good keep the Vibes on Crush I know it's all good know it's all it's all remember try to engage your chest muscle at all time and every time you'll push back your elbows try to open up your [Music] chest in the L in the land turn your [ __ ] to [Music] a I made [Music] it okay how can you skip a push-up if you want to train your chest now come facing to the mat you can put your knees down and do a little pushup 50 seconds are you ready we're in this [Music] together me on try baby I think you should s with me stay solid one time if you lie with me just promise you never lie to me keep the pushup is the exact perfect pose to train your chest so come on guys take a slow engage your core muscle to stabilize your whole body and try to lower yourself a little bit more than push it up come on guys you can do it it's [Music] [Music] all now let's do an easy one catch your breath sit back up put your lower arms in front of you then quiz cross your elbows up and down make sure every time you quiz Cross Your Arms make sure one elbow is passing another [Music] elbow and if I'm on is still better I promise you that it'll be cool L remember keep your chest muscle engaged at all time and every time you criss cross your elbow squeeze them even harder letting you know that the helpful spe just for the show I see clearly in my I'm Dreaming been dreaming one calling you of my mind I told you I okay now back to facing the mess supp P yourself up then use your hand to tap your chest one by one remember to engage your chest and your core 50 seconds let's do this together keep your shoulders and your wrists in a straight line and every time you lean your body to one side squeeze that chest [Music] muscles [Music] doesn't make it to a big of a problem neither are you you is going to serve them go on baby speak from the cor or you do you and keep on ignoring me than been breaking my own heart holding yeah waiting for B to we letting you know yes now come back sitting on your mat we're going to do an easy one both hands grabbing your elbow then pull it up over your head then come back down we only have three more exercises left are you guys ready let's do this people are nice but it's only for the tips the weather's fine but it's nothing I will miss my only friends are the ones I left behind wish I could see them just for a moment cuz I don't knowbody here it's lonely every time you push down your arms squeeze your chest this is a very great Poe cuz every time you push up it is a stretch push down it is a [Music] training but they don't care oh I'm getting lost in the commotion and the sound is way too loud cuz I'm not the city girl I thought I was this town is bigger than in the O get the small to fit the ground okay so for the rest of the pose I need you to stand up and find a wall then step away from the wall make sure your hands and shoulders are in a straight line then do a little pushup get lost in the commotion and there's nowhere I can hide cuz I'm not a city girl get to yourself and I promise you'll be fine that's what my mom said when I was yes we're doing the push-up again so if you can do a normal push-up on the floor you can choose to do it on the wall cuz is more easier for you and it's easier for you to feel the muscles in your [Music] chest but they just there and I see misery everywhere it's getting to me I cry but they don't care oh I'm getting loose in thetion and the sound is way to yes now coming to our last one the rest is just a stretch okay now placing your hands together then lower your body push u

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