15mins Arm Flab Workout | No More Bingo/Bat Wings! | No Equipment

hi guys welcome back today's video is about arm flap or we call it Bengal Wings this exercise looks very simple but I promise you it is 100 effective so without further Ado let's get on to the video okay so the first one Palms facing up extend your arms and just crisscross up and down squeeze your arms muscle at all times you should feel the muscle contract in here laughs [Music] thank you and now we rest for 10 seconds [Music] so the next one face facing each other and just squeeze your arms muscle and push back so don't do it like this we're not stretching but squeeze your arms more so and bring it up to your shoulders level so imagine you're drawing a horizontal line with your elbow you should feel the muscle Contracting in your upper arm you can also crisscross your arms like this you should feel more muscle Contracting foreign [Music] your arms at all time and never push it too far to the back of your body [Music] [Music] and now we rest for 10 seconds [Music] had no time for you okay so we're going to do a little belly dance hands stop above your head and stop in front of your chest remember to squeeze your whole arms at all time otherwise you're not training the correct muscles [Music] try not to squeeze up your shoulders and keep your breath steady [Music] foreign [Music] and the next one stick your lower arms together and move up and down try not to squeeze up your shoulders and try not to let your hands fall apart [Music] [Applause] remember don't let your elbows Fall Apart [Music] [Music] back number and we rest for 10 seconds okay so the next one keeps your upper arm still and move your lower arm up and down the trick of this one is to not move your upper arms so squeeze your arms muscle to keep you steady [Music] so tell me tell me cause I can read your mind I'm sorry just let me know [Music] you can do it three more seconds left [Music] I hope you guys feel the bar let's rest for 10 seconds foreign [Music] okay so the next one bend your elbows hands to the back and to the front try to keep your upper arms next to your ears and squeeze your arms muscle imagine you're throwing a ball to the Friends [Music] is so confusing all I feel is useless you can do it we're almost done [Music] [Music] and now 10 seconds [Music] okay so the next one Palms facing down and swing to the back try to lean your body a little bit forward so that you have more balance [Music] always alone come on squeeze your arms and sway it to the back as far as you can [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] for 10 seconds [Music] okay so the next one also swing your arms to the back but this time clap your hands behind again lean a bit forward so that you have more balance [Music] [Music] come on actually clap your hands don't give up yet we are almost done [Music] and now let's rest for 10 seconds so the next one Palms facing up and just your circles if it is too easy for you try to tell your pinky fingers up enjoy the circles [Music] you guys are amazing come on don't give up yet draw the circles a little bit faster [Music] [Music] [Music] you guys know I have to balance on the other side now arms facing down clenched Fist and jaw circles [Music] foreign your whole arms while you're doing it otherwise you won't see any results [Music] foreign [Music] yes we have two more exercise left [Music] so the next one hands on your shoulders and squeeze your elbows together remember don't squeeze up your shoulders and strengthen your whole arms oh foreign [Music] [Music] you can do it so when you squeeze imagine you're using the chest muscle and also your arms muscles [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Applause] this one is easy just clap in front of you and clap behind you foreign foreign yes we are done we use a lot of our arms today let's stretch our muscles [Music] it is very important to stretch after you exercise not only it will relax your sore muscle but it also protects your joints and your ligaments foreign [Music] relax your neck and your shoulders and now we do on the other side foreign foreign [Music] and we are finished thank you so much for watching and I hope your arms are getting sore if you want to be more effective you can definitely do it twice replay this video anyway I hope you guys like it and I will see you guys in the next one bye foreign

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