5 EASY Ways to Stop Binge Eating!

Have you encountered this before? That you are not hungry at all, but want to eat voraciously. If yes, leave a comment with 1; If no, leave a comment with 0 Or do you often condemn yourself and feel guilty after eating Why did you eat so much again? I was actually full earlier, but now I feel bloated. If yes, leave a comment with 11; If the answer is no, leave a comment with 00. Let's talk about this topic today. Hello everyone, I am April. In this video I am defending a healthy lifestyle and a biomedical scientist said in real life. My answer to the previous two questions is 0 and 00. But if you ask me before… Three years my answer would be 1 and 11 and I wasn't just three years ago there are many people who were or are currently concerned about the relationship between them and food. Let's take the United States as an example. According to the ACDMH report, 8 million people in the United States suffer from similar problems, and among these, it is There are 7 times more women than men. I also know that among the followers who watch my videos about my fitness, many people suffer from this problem because I often receive private messages from them asking for help. I can especially feel their anxiety and helplessness between the lines of their messages, not to mention the importance of the system. Diet in shaping your body After all, we all know that there is a saying called exercise three times and eat seven times I always feel that we live in this wonderful and complex world if we want to improve our level of happiness we have to deal with all kinds of relationships including our relationship with food so I made this Today's video I just want to combine my own experience with research, study and scientific research related to emotional eating in order to inform you of the harms, causes and ways to overcome them. I hope to help those who suffer from this problem to recover. The harms of emotional eating. It is certain that the harms of emotional eating do not make us gain Only weight The harm it causes to us is much greater than most people imagine. For example, it is easy to develop gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric perforation, stomach ulcer, acute pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis and so on. It will increase the burden on the kidneys and it also makes people feel tired and exhausted because blood is concentrated in the digestive system to digest food and if you eat a heavy meal for a long time it can also cause brain function to deteriorate You are more susceptible to developing Alzheimer's disease after aging Regarding this point, this explains The research report that eating a lot of food for a long time can cause premature brain aging and eating appropriately can keep the brain young. Another very serious point is the psychological impact. For example, self-condemnation, guilt and hatred after eating and the intense anxiety caused by that some people feel. People who are worried about gaining weight because of the guilt of overeating will feel like vomiting. This is very likely to cause two other more serious diseases called anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, both of which may cause death. Among them, the mental illness with the highest mortality rate is, Including depression The most terrible thing about overeating is that even if people know all the above-mentioned harms they still cannot control themselves, they still want to eat. How can that be? Causes of Emotional Eating Emotional eating can be roughly divided into these types according to its causes: Emotional eating is caused by boredom, emotional eating is caused by stress, overeating, food addiction, dieting, habitual eating and continuous eating, etc. In short, it is a type of emotional eating because our body is sick which allows you to receive a lot of hunger signals and causes you to eat a lot of food. For example, diabetics and hyperthyroidism are like this. I think this type can be treated easily. You just need to follow the doctor's advice and eat. Medication on time The main point is to adjust the blood sugar and thyroid function to normal The next two types are the ones that cause more pain to everyone The first type is caused by excessive dieting The amount of calories eaten while dieting is much less than the calories Which the body needs Our brain thinks that our body is suffering from starvation and so, to save your life Our brain will direct the body to reduce the basal metabolic rate to reduce the consumption of calories It will also release different hormones and signals continuously to make us have a particularly strong desire for food You will specifically want to eat high-calorie foods Such as high sugar, fat, etc. The other type is caused by psychological problems for example, stress, loneliness, low self-esteem, etc. During these types of downtime, we will be especially vulnerable to overeating because when we eat food, our brain can release dopamine. This neurotransmitter will excite us in a short time. Make us feel happy in an instant. But at the same time, this kind of pleasure can make us addicts so this type of emotional eating disorder I prefer to call it food addiction disorder except the first type emotional eating is caused by a physical illness I tried the other two but luckily I'm lucky I quickly found the right way out so I can sit here and share with you all today ways to overcome Emotional eating from my own experience Let's take a test before starting this post. Please answer the following five questions. One point for each answer with “yes.” So if you answer yes twice, you will get 2 points. You can put your score and the points you got in the comments below if your score is higher. of or equal to 2 It is highly recommended that you go to the doctor for further

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