20 MIN FULL BODY STRETCH & COOL DOWN ROUTINE for Flexibility, Recovery & Relaxation

hi i'm emmy it's been a while since our last full body stretch so it's time for a new one you can do this daily for flexibility and recovery i'd like to do it as a cooldown stretch after my workout or even on my recovery days especially in the morning or at night to help me relax whatever works best for you and if you're ready let's go [Music] we're starting with sky lift let's begin stand up tall take a big inhale reach your arms up to the sky exhale as you bring your elbows down and back squeezing your shoulder blades together [Music] [Music] next one is heart opener with bend [Music] fingers lace behind your back squeeze your shoulder blades together and open up your chest you can arch your back and look up take one more breath here and bend down lifting your hands up towards the sky keeping a slight bend in the knees [Music] we're moving on to the next stretch three points bend bend and reach towards the ground feeling a stretch in the back of your legs you can move from center to each side breathe in breathe out as you surrender and let go [Music] [Applause] [Music] next one we're stretching the side of our body you can choose to stand or sit whatever works better for your body today look up and twist more towards the sky with each breath to deepen the stretch [Music] switch aside [Music] [Applause] we're getting down to the floor with setting twist [Music] keep your shoulders down spine long and twist a bit more with each exhale twist to the other side [Music] let's stretch out our hamstrings and calves with front leg stretch reach your arms up to the sky inhale and exhale as you bring one leg in and bend forward to try reach the foot of your extended leg you can try pull your foot towards yourself for a deeper stretch and switch side [Music] next one we're further stretching those tight muscles and our legs with half split [Music] square your hips sit lower feel the stretch in the hip flexor and the quad of your back leg bring your hip backward and extend the front leg breathe in and breathe out to bend lower enjoy that sweet stretch in the hamstring we're going to pigeon with the same leg [Music] back leg straight square your hips you can stay here or depending on your flexibility you can lower onto your elbows and eventually your head on the ground for a deeper stretch [Music] we are repeating the same routine with the other leg starting with half split bring your left hip back to make sure your hips are squared sink lower and deeper [Music] extend your front leg and bend we're going into pidgin you can stay up or slowly lower onto the [Music] ground [Music] [Applause] [Music] next is cat and cow for our spine and back get into all fours inhale as you look up and sink your belly towards the ground exhale as you round your back pulling your navel in towards the sky [Music] and we're going all the way down to the floor for abs stretch [Music] press your hands into the earth torso up feeling a stretch in the abs [Music] keep breathing and twist to one side look back to your feet feeling a stretch in your side abs twist to the other side come back to the center for a few more breaths here [Music] it's time for down dog [Music] press your hands into the ground hip up and back into an upside down v-shape walk your legs here to get comfortable feeling a stretch in your calf as your heel touches the ground [Music] once you're ready both legs on the ground and stay in down dog it's okay if your heels cannot touch the floor for now you'll get there with practice press all your fingers into the earth for more support and take the pressure away from your wrist [Music] next one is extend the puppy to child pose [Music] you have two options here you can have arms straight in front and slowly lower your chest to the ground or you can stretch out your lats by having elbows on the ground hands up together behind your head sit back into child pose [Music] we're coming back one last time for a three-legged dog [Music] starting from down dog lift one leg up keep both hips squared and in line then lower the leg on top of the other one try your best to step your heel towards the ground and feel a stretch in your calf lift the other leg up into three legged dog [Music] lower it on top of the other leg and stretch the cuff [Music] lie down for shoulder stretch lie on your belly extend one arm to the side twist your torso to face the opposite side and feel the stretch in the shoulder [Music] switch side twist and deepen the stretch with every [Music] breath [Music] [Applause] [Music] next we're stretching out our quads the front of our thighs one leg bent behind your hip lower your torso towards the ground you can stay on your elbows if that's your max or you can lie all the way down [Music] if you want more stretch bend your straight leg up [Music] you can even hold your knee to bring it towards your chest to maximize the stretch switch leg no matter you're on your elbows today or lying down it's okay remember that we're all on our own journey the only important thing is that we're using this time to better ourselves and caring for our body [Music] [Music] next is glute stretch and twist [Music] bring one knee in and hold it towards your chest feel the stretch and your glute [Music] bring the knee twist the other side off the ground and twist your torso facing the opposite side for a spinal twist [Music] switch side knee to chest [Music] knee to ground and twist [Applause] [Music] we're coming into the final stretch of the day happy baby to full stretch hook your fingers onto your big toes pull down towards the ground and open up your hips you can rock from side to side back and forth [Music] lower everything to the ground inhale and extend your arms and legs to as long as possible exhale and relax [Music] hope you enjoyed today's stretch with me you can do this daily may the rest of your day and night be filled with peace and calm see you soon

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