20 Min HIIT workout to burn lots of calories | 3 week Weight Loss Challenge

We have 20 minutes. Full body workout today! But don't worry, I've included alternatives with low impact. Now, you are not alone in your fitness journey! Join the rest of the community on Instagram, YouTube, or Discord for some excitement. As always, the 3-week schedule is on my website. Also quick props to VS Pink for sponsoring today's outfit! I'm wearing their beautiful collection! Details are in the explanation. Now click Like for me, and let's get started. We have four sets in this 20-minute workout. With 35 exercises, 20 to 30 seconds on and 5 to 20 seconds off. Stand upright and we will begin by raising the side knees. Start with some knee lift, but run horizontally to the left, then back to the right. Low-impact alternatives exist for this exercise, so just follow them if you need to. It's totally okay. A short rest, and we'll go to the skiers. Jump to one side with the other foot behind like this, and repeat on the other side. Make sure you are safe with proper shoes. For low impact, just do it without the jump. Next we have a side jump. Jump to one side, then jump vertically. Then jump back and repeat. For low impact, you can do Lunge and touch your feet. Great job guys! Now we have quick steps to the side, followed by a plank, then come back and repeat. You can do a slow burpee for low impact. . Remember who you are and do the exercises at your own pace. Don't feel pressured to perform as fast as me or as others, if you're a beginner. Rest here for 10 seconds. You are doing a great job! Squats and jumps are next. Sit down into a squat, engaging your glutes, then jump up and repeat. Just four more exercises, and we're done with the first set. You are capable! Next we'll do some lang and step back. We're not doing a full lang here, just half a lang. There are no low impacts here because we are not jumping. Nice and easy, keep it up! No rest here! We have raised knees. Only 20 seconds of this, go as fast as you can! Let's do this. No rest here! We go straight to the twists and scissors. Take your time to coordinate, move your feet back and forth like this, then twist through your arms and work your abs. Just another exercise for this group! We'll go straight to jumping jacks with a difference. If you feel tired, just hold it for 20 seconds! If you are able to do this exercise, we will get rest afterward! And that's one set! Pause the video here for an extended break. We'll start the next set with star squats, so make sure you're comfortable, keep going! Start by squatting low, then explosively jump into a star pose. For low impact, just leave out the jumps and replace them with some kicks. Short rest and we have steps and krang. Take quick steps to the side, do crunches and work your abs. Well done guys! Rest here for 10 seconds and we have jumps and side lunges. Start with a side lunge by sitting with your hips back, then return to center, then jump up and repeat. For low impact, we leave out the jump. No rest here! Now to the other leg. Rest here for 10 seconds! If you need a long break, take it, it's totally okay. Especially if you are a beginner. We're halfway there, so don't give up! As before, we just jump to one side and repeat on the other side. Make sure you are safe, and engage your abs! Rest here for ten seconds, and we have a side squat. Lower down into a squat, then take steps horizontally and repeat. Tread four more exercises, guys, until we finish this second set! No rest here! And we have squats and pulses. Pulse around at 10 times, then come back and repeat. You'll feel burned by this, but just keep going! You are capable! We don't rest, we just keep going. We have knee raises. Do it as fast as you can, but if you can't, you can do it low impact. Contortions and scissors is next. You guys know this, so don't give up now! The last two exercises to finish the second set! Last 20 seconds guys! We have jumping jacks with a difference! I continue. This is set 2. Stop the video here for a longer break. Now get into high plank position. We start the third set with push-ups to squats. Squeeze, jump into a squat and repeat. For low impact, just do some push-ups on your knees. Great job guys! And we have mountaineers. Make sure you engage your abs, and do it as fast as you can, but if you can't, just take it nice and slow. You guys are doing a great job! We have access in crab mode. Get into an inversion table position, raising your arm overhead and crossing it toward the other side, reaching as far as you can, then repeat on the other side. Make sure you do it safely. Just don't over-stretch if you can't. Stay in the same position! We do some finger touches in the crab position. We work on your arms and abs. I continue! We're halfway through the third set. You guys are doing a great job! Now get into push-up position. We do push-ups, followed by sit-ups, then repeat. Go nice and slow if you need to. And do it on your knees for low impact. Short break here! We have burpee jacks! Pull your legs out to the side, followed by burpees and repeat. And we have a 10-second break after this! So push yourself hard here, you're doing great! Keep going! Okay, relax here for 10 seconds! And we have roll-up to jump. The last two exercises for this group. Lay flat on your mat with your legs bent at 90 degrees, then use your abdominal muscles to lift yourself up, return yourself to a vertical jump, and repeat. You are capable! Don't give up now. For low impact, you can just roll-up. The last exercise for the third group! We have Spider-Man Blank.

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