3 Minute Ab Workout

right today let's say you've got no excuses to get involved and do this workout because it's just three minutes long I'm gonna be working all our apps so bring it down to the ground we've got six exercise thirty seconds each let's start with mountain climbers so you just want to be bringing in the knee to the chest slow and controlled gonna make sure that we're not sinking down don't arch just keep that back nice and straight and your arms should be underneath your shoulders okay so hand's underneath those shoulders and just bringing in that knee to the chest nights are controlled good start everyone okay do you want over X exercises we've got nice basic crunches okay so let's take it down want to go onto our backs and we're just gonna crunch up again 30 seconds this is a great quick burst of doing your out so give a lot much time in the morning Paul this is one just to get in before you shoot out the door and start your day just three minutes okay let's keep it going that's it squeeze those ABS now just because it's three minutes doesn't mean to say just rush through it we're gonna make sure that where we are utilizing the time properly okay now let's take it back onto your phone we're gonna get into the plank position and the new one for me as well so gonna come down to those elbows and we're just gonna take a leg out to the side okay so not touching the ground you've got 15 seconds on each side okay that's it don't be squeezing those glutes – that's gonna help tone up that bottom and make sure you put in that tummy okay let's switch onto the other side they're gonna find the one leg is gonna be easier than the other okay cuz that's just normal that's just how our bodies are designed okay has it just focus on a point – it's gonna help with your balance we've got a feet if you get cramps okay we're gonna turn you back on your back again we're going backwards and forwards we're gonna do a B crunch okay so arms over your head just gonna come up then down nice and slow and controlled touch your hands with your legs and then slowly down again 30 seconds so you're gonna get through nice and quickly keeps you motivated when you keep changing exercise I know it definitely keeps me motivated okay take it down nice and slowly touch your shins and down come on we can squeeze one more in take it down gently okay back into that plank position we're gonna come up on our hands okay so I want you to jump out in together okay and squeeze those glutes when your legs are together okay Skinner helps turn up that booty – that's it keep it going a little bit of cardio in this as well so out and out again okay come on keep it going just got one more exercise left work good work help your shoulders – that's it keep that rhythm going nice job okay I'm gonna make you turn back when you're back again last exercise we'll do a full sit-up okay so squeeze those ABS come all the way and this had a time touch our toes oh go on squeeze now see if you can get this exercise video in every single morning just before you have a shower you don't want to have wanna do this work out afterwards good even though it's three minutes if you're doing the work out properly you're still gonna get your heart rate up work on those ABS then of course burn some calories oh come on give me one more oh oh without a nice quick easy workout there you have it three minute abs the next set it's got plenty more I have videos for you too maybe you want to try it a little bit longer we've got 5 minute abs six-minute abs and you tell anybody ads that you want who you've got it there for you we've also got plenty more if you want to work out so subscribe to the channel if you want more information hit this button it's gonna tell you give you a new veteran all the fun things that's going on with exhale my name is Rebecca Louise any questions that you message me on Twitter at the model pilot or Facebook Rebecca Louise Fitness give those ads working and I'll see you again tomorrow

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