Day 29: 11 Abs In 7 Minutes (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 29 of the challenge I cannot believe you guys have all made it this far and if you have I'm extremely proud of you today we are doing an 11 abs workout so this is going to helps give you that definition of the two lines down the side of your stomach now as this is the second-to-last day guys I want to make sure that you are taking those after photos so take them today or tomorrow and don't forget to send me that in an email and the link in the description box below okay guys 30 seconds per exercise back-to-back 14 in total the first move that we're going into you're going to be lying on your back and we're just going to go into those single bicycles so all you're going to do is stand one leg you're gonna drive that elbow towards the knee making sure that you're bringing that shoulder blade off of the floor and you're trying to get that elbow to touch of the knee exhale on every single crunch and make sure you're keeping that stomach engaged to keep going other side guys straight away so remember you want to bring that elbow towards that knee crunch in exhale on that crunch and bring that shoulder blade [Music] for the next two skies are going to be alternating legs and we're just going to bring one knee up towards the chest and we're going to crunch in so this is going to be straight on now so you want to crunch up and bring that leg with you make sure you're breathing out and you're really squeezing those ABS [Music] fabulous work guys next move is butterfly crunches so I want your feet to be together legs Bend and you're going to crunch up and down make sure you're exhaling on those crunches [Music] it keep going for the next move guys we're just going to go into some heel touches I really want you to make sure that already stretching down and trying to grab those hills even if you've got to move your feet further away you're going to fill this in your obliques if you're really making sure that you're pushing it [Music] but work by cheeks are one neck up with the bottom leg you're going to swing it up nice and straight and kick it to the side with this move you want to make sure that you crunch up when the leg comes up and when it swings out keep your head neutral so crunch up and swing down up swing out make sure you exit out on that crunch as that leg comes up [Music] switch side guys some other leg come up dance [Music] so up down swim up down swing clinics with guys I want your legs to be in a ninety degree above you and all you're gonna do so much as if you're gonna put your arms swinging around your body towards your head and then you're gonna try and get those hands to me underneath those legs to try and get them to clap together if you can and you want to crunch up of those hands come to touch make sure you're breathing next move guys I want you on your side what you're going to do is you're going to bring that top leg into crunch toward your chest and then you're going to do a side crunch so crunch toward your chest side chest and side [Music] fabulous work guys keep going eating so well let's take it into a high plank now guys keep that navel stopped in make sure that facts nice and straight make sure to focus focus [Music] let's bring it down to the other side now guys so remember the first move is bring that knee towards the chest in front and then you're gonna crunch to the side [Music] excellent move guys the next move you're coming into is a bird dog so all I need you to do is bring that knee to move to the opposite elbow you want to crunch it and then you want to go straight out with those legs this is a great workout for your core stability balance and also to target those apps [Music] other guys remember the same move so you want to bring that knee towards the elbow meet and crunch in the middle kick out if you need to take this movement slower that's absolutely fine do it at your own pace [Music] bada-boom guys is now going to be a low pints I want you on your elbows same position as before make sure to keep that stomach sucked in we're just gonna hold it here for the remaining two seconds [Music] amazing work guys that is the end of your I love lemon app circuit so guys if that is the end of the 11 abs a workout I hope you all really enjoyed this today if you did then don't forget to hit the like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel I also want to hear from you guys so tell me what was your favorite workout in this routine today let me know in the comments below and if you want to know the best diet and training program for you but then don't forget to check out the link in the description box below [Music]

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