STRETCH IN BED | 10 Minutes in the Morning / Before Sleep

life goes by fast let's slow down we got older we're good morning or good night guys welcome to ten minutes stretch and bed with me this time let's skip the talking and get straight into the stretch there will be 20 full body stretches in total each stretch for 30 seconds sit up and we're starting with reach forward to stretch and loosen up our body including torsos spine back let's ABS hem strength and even our internal organs [Music] all right cross your legs second one is next stretch switch side after 15 seconds three two one switch sight [Music] third is the chest stretch breathe in and breathe out as we stretch your hands further out and push your chest forward for deeper stretch [Music] next one is seated spinal twist to stretch out our spine [Music] three two one switch side [Music] then we're stretching out the sides with side Bend [Music] three two one switch sight [Music] we'll then stretch out our triceps each side for 15 seconds 3 2 1 switch side [Music] bring your arms down for a shoulder stretch hold it for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side [Music] three two one switch sight moving on to the butterfly stretch to open up our hips [Music] and then we're stretching out our tight hamstrings one leg at a time three two one switch side [Music] after that work getting injured a 9090 stretch to further open up our hips [Music] three two one switch sight [Music] we're halfway through lie down next one is sight line quad stretch you should be feeling a good stretch in your upper thighs three two one switch side Tov s body twist to stretch out the spine glutes lower back continue to breathe slowly and deeply three two one switch side [Music] Surtees is shoulder roll over [Music] three two one switch side [Music] moving on to knee to chest to stretch the glutes hip flexor and hamstrings it also helps release tension in the spine and lower back [Music] three-two-one switch side [Music] we'll give our goods and hamstrings a further stretch with Buddhist church remember to keep breathing three two one switch side [Music] get back up come onto all fours 16th is Kaitlyn cow to warm of the spine stretch the neck hips absent back and also massage your internal organs and relieve tension in your body [Music] [Music] 17th were stretching out our apps in all three directions first to the front for ten seconds [Music] then to the right for another 10 seconds [Music] last to the left for ten seconds [Music] we're getting into bow pose to open up the shoulders and chest and to help with lower back pain [Music] second less lie on your back is time for happy baby for a calming hip and thighs opener at the same time you can gently rock from side to side and back and forth to give yourself a gentle back massage grab a pillow if you have we're ending with my favorite child pose to give a final stretch to the hips thighs ankles and relax the muscles of both front and back off the body it also helps to reduce stress and fatigue as well as calming and soothing the brain Center your breath and begin to let your thoughts slow down allow all the tension to drain away [Music] and that's 20 full body stretches I have for you today thank you for stretching with me I hope you like it give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe have a good day or a good sleep [Music]

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