hey squad it is day 9 of the 30 day challenge well done for absolutely crushing it so far now today's affirmation is i am enough and our keyword is enough you are good enough you are strong enough you are brave enough you're bold enough you are enough period let's crush this workout and remind ourselves throughout today that we are enough i am enough okay so if you haven't warmed up make sure to hit that link in the description box and then get on with the workout are you ready okay so we're going to start off with e which is 25 jumping squats remember i am enough three two one you've got this let's go one two three four five six seven eight nine keep going 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 you got it 17 18 19 25 more 1 2 3 4 and 25 good rest nice deep breath get that oxygen in shake out those legs [Music] my heart is beating okay so next up we have m which is 50 sumo squats remember pointing your toes outwards nice wide start core is tight three seconds two one let's do this remember i am enough i am strong enough i am good enough whatever you want to put before enough do it empower yourself good and five six seven eight 13. 14 15. keep going 16 17 18 19 20. you've got this one two three [Music] seven remember knees following direction of your toes eight nine thirty dig deep you've got this one two three four five six [Music] seven eight nine fourteen last ten one [Music] two three four five [Music] six big push seven eight nine and fifty well done shake up those legs and rest remember the key word is enough even that alone is a statement i've had enough i'm going to do this let's absolutely crush it okay about 10 more seconds to rest our next move is going to be mountain climbers let's prepare three two one and let's go driving those knees as fast as you can you are enough your efforts are enough you've got this 20 seconds and drive 15 seconds keep going almost there keep pushing and relax well done on your feet side steps and rest i am enough make sure to take some water towel off whenever you need oh deep breath okay next up we have high knees which is our you we'll be doing that for 60 seconds okay are you ready nice and high with those knees drive them up three two one let's go court engaged you've got this [Music] keep going 40 seconds first you've got this 100 25 seconds good stuff keep going last ten push three two one [Applause] rest well done oh my and setting our rest time good stuff [Music] my goodness felt those high knees okay so next up we have 20 push-ups for algae high plant position or on your knees if you're modifying okay three two one let's go one two three i am enough four five six seven core tie eight [Music] nine ten half three eleven 12 13 14 keep pushing you've got this 15 5 more 16 17 18 19 last one 20. awesome stuff okay rest this is a short but snappy workout we're going to finish off strong with 60 seconds of butt kicks for our h remember i am enough whatever it is you're doing you are enough you're good enough you're strong enough three two one let's go nice and high cool tight let's drive our legs up keep that booty okay finishing off strong let's do this 40 seconds if you can pick up the face dig deep good keep going 28 seconds awesome good last 15. you've got this push and five seconds four three two one and well done you are enough we are enough i want you to take that affirmation and that key word through you through with you during today and every day remind yourself that you are enough don't worry about anybody else you are enough have an amazing day i will see you tomorrow peace

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