30 DAYS PLANK CHALLENGE | Slim Waist, Sexy Abs + Intense Full Body & Belly Fat Burn ~ Emi

Hi family, welcome to another plank workout! You guys loved the first one and have been asking for a second one So here we go ten different variations of planks that are going to work out core and abs Pulling up belly in together for a smaller waist and also giving us a full body fat-burn. also We have now launched our family membership here on YouTube where you get multi life workouts Q&As and video wish-lists where you can let us know what videos you want us to make and you can click the join button Here on my channel to know more about all the awesome footstages you can get. And if you're ready for this plank workout Let's go! Before we start Remind yourself the reasons why you're here today. The fact that you click into this video is already the first step you talk to work closer to your goals Smaller ways flat abs, full body fat burn, this workout is going to help you achieve them Do this for yourself Believe in your goals and your ability to make them happen First exercise is Wide Legs Plank Elbows on the ground forming a triangle base, legs wide apart Core tight to keep your body lifted in one straight line from head to heel. Hold it here! Keep breathing Focus on tightening your abs to keep your body light and lifted Lower your butt if it's coming up so that we can make sure we're working our belly here What a great start of this workout. You're doing amazing! Second exercise is Toast Touch with Reach Start in high plank with feet wider than shoulder width apart Push your hip back into an upside-down V as you lift one arm to touch your opposite foot Then push forward again into high plank as you work your abs and extend your arm to the front Repeat on the side and switch after 20 seconds Try your best to keep your body centered and not tilt it to one side when you come forward Really squeeze your abs hard. Enjoy the full body burn Third exercise will continue to work on our core with Slow Shoulder Tap In high plank position, feet wider for more stability Holding your belly tight, lift one arm up to tap opposite shoulder Slowly alternate sides. The slower you do the more you work the inner core that pull your belly in together It's not easy but it's worth it. The ones who succeed are the ones who keep going even when it gets difficult We did it! Fourth is 4 Points Plank. The best burn for not just a belly but also our arms shoulders, legs, all over Come into all four Everything in 90-degree angles and lift your knees just a few inches off the ground and hold it here The key again is tightening your core to keep your body lifted. I know your whole body might be trembling. You're struggling to hold but when your body is challenged It means it's doing the work. Hang in there Good job! Fifth is Elbow Plank Arm Lift In Elbow plank, lifts one arm up come down and alternate side Easier said than done but believe in yourself squeeze your abs and try your best to maintain your balance So your body moves as little as possible from side to side Slow and controlled use your core to keep yourself centered. We're almost halfway through! Sixth is Side Plank Rotation towards the core and aside abs to further work and shape our weight Start in high plank. Rotate to one side as you open your heart and reach one arm up Looking to the sky. Tighten your side abs to keep your body lifted alternate sides Again we're not raising here. Do it slowly – properly so we can feel the burn in the right areas Seventh is Side Plank Hip Dip for more burn in the side of our belly In elbow side plank, hold your core tight to lift your body up. Head to toe in one straight line Then work your side up to dip your hip down and come up. Switch side after 20 seconds Really feel the burn as you squeeze the obliques to come up in each dip Only three more exercises to go. Eigth is Reversed Plank, working not just our core but also full body and especially Slimming down the arm flat Push yourself up from sitting position. Legs to get the straight out in front Tighten your core and squeeze your booty to hold yourself up Your arms are turning jelly~ Mine too. But trust me we can get through this together No pain, no gain. Only ten more seconds to go Last two exercises! Ninth is Table Top Similar to the last exercise but this time our feet are on the ground forming a 90 degree angle Work your abs and squeeze your booty to lift your body up so that it's parallel to the floor and not sinking down If it doesn't burn it doesn't work learn to enjoy and appreciate the burn It means the hot work you're putting in right now is not wasted Shake out your arms. Get ready for our final exercise of this work out! Saving the best for our last: Push Up Hold Start in high plank, bend your elbows Keeping them close to your body, lower yourself until your elbows are 90-degree angle And your body is in one straight line from head to heel and now just hold it here This is the ultimate killer so don't feel defeated if you cannot do it. Just try! That's all you need to do Try your best. If you collapse, get up and keep trying This is how we make progress and one day get to our goals. The burn is insane, but we're not giving up Hold it for the last few seconds Good job, you did it! What a burn! Give yourself a high five! We didn't give up even when it got hard. Instead we kept trying and kept going and we've got it done. Stretch it out! I hope you feel good, you feel positive after this workout Feel free to repeat it again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow as many times as you want Nothing is stopping us until we reach our goals I'm so proud of you for putting in the work and doing this for yourself Share this workout with anyone you think this will be helpful to their goals Subscribe and turn on the notification button so you won't miss all the new workout videos coming your way You can also join the family membership for monthly live work outs and live Q&As! No matter where you are have a good day or good night, and I'll see you again very soon~

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