30 Min Full Body Workout to BURN FAT & GET ABS + Toned Legs | FREE WORKOUT PROGRAM

So let's get started before we get started I really appreciate it if you hit the thumbs up button and drop me a comment as I created this free exercise program for you guys and you can also share it with anyone who needs it and the first exercise is butt kickers kick your heels towards your butt and for those of you who They have problems with jumping, you can take it slow and follow the low impact version I have included low impact versions of all the exercises so you can follow that if you are a beginner or if you need to take a break The next exercise is the overhead stretch extending those arms from side to side as much as What you can that will help you increase the range of motion for your exercises okay next we have jumping jacks we have squats and we get to the next squat down and take a deep breath in as you go up and exhale as you come back down forward kicks are the next kick forward and use the opposite hand to try to touch your feet and this will help warm up your hamstrings Next we have a dynamic development. This is great for warming up your back muscles as well as your hip Okay we're almost at the end of the warm-up session we get into a dip position and we're actually extending the leg behind you and humping that floor 30 seconds later on your left side and then we'll stop to the right side this dynamic stretch helps lengthen your hip muscles and hamstrings Okay, We have a quick 20 second break before we move on to the first set of all these exercises for 30 seconds each with short rest periods of 5 and 10 seconds. So don't stop moving. We're going to start with high knees. Raise your knees to the level of your hips as quickly as possible and for a low-impact version. You can rule out jumps only the dodge crunch is next. Remember to engage those abs and be safe while switching next we will have a lunge with an alternate kick in the lunge position and when you get close give a high kick with your opposite leg so if you want to do the kick with the same leg but I would do it in the opposite leg for the low impact version Just take it slow and remember to engage your core and focus on your breathing now on the other side and as you can see here I was a little confused about your girl's legs here are really bad with coordination. So yeah now we're about halfway through our first set time for some Burpers This is an explosive exercise that will work your entire body so don't give up just yet and stay away from the low impact version. You can just do it slowly and in control without jumping next we have plank lifters jumping from the feet and in a high plank position and for the low impact version take it good and slow again and go at your own pace we've got you squatted and jumping next this can be a little difficult some The thing is in the moment so do it at your own pace, but low impact don't do the jump mitt jump after this is not a warm-up exercise. So you have to do it quickly Okay, I have two more exercises until the end of the first set for this exercise will help balance yourself better starting in a squat position, then do a high kick to the side before your feet land on the floor keep your balance and give a lower kick as well can Coordination is quite difficult just because I have coordination issues all the time, but practice makes perfect now to the other side to finish one set if you can't do a double leg kick then you can do a single kick to the side just so you know, I find the first and second set to be the hardest so If you've come this far don't give up and let's finish this together. We'll start set 2 with skater jumps. For skater jumps you take a big jump to the left and bring your right leg behind you and do the same thing on the other side and for the low impact version, just take a big step instead of a big jump. Next we have the running jump. This exercise is really good for your abs so make sure you engage your core as you dip and go slow and controlled if you're having trouble engaging them next with the kick and kick and this is the standard kick and kick using the same leg and not the other leg if you can't kick then just lunge to the other side All the right time to burn off all that energy we have with 30 seconds of Burpee Don't give up now we can do this let's do it guys stay grounded because our next mountain climbers are so fun. Yes we are almost halfway through the workout guys. I hope you're starting to sweat because I was soaked at this point now we have the shuffle next if you're working from home you should be wearing shoes to stay safe and remember to land softly it's time for another round of high knees and then we have the sumo squats take it nice and slow and remember to inhale as you go up And your exhale as you come back down and the last exercise for the second set is kicking the abduction on one leg while you kick the other leg out to the side and don't forget to engage your core while doing this remember to be safe and go slow and easy for a low impact this is the end of the second set and it looks like I Forgot where you were for a second there make sure you keep moving and take a little sip of water if you need to or take a longer break if you need to pause the video if you need to take a break and we're about to start this set soon let's start with some squats In and out Okay, the next exercise is jumping jacks and power jacks, it's going to be an explosive workout so give it your all it's hard to coordinate so I'm a little stuffed so take your time doing two jumping jacks. And for the third you jump in the air like a starfish and make sure you land softly and this exercise is so good that it burns like crazy Next, we have some side bends and dips. It's an easy thing to do after those power plugs so focus on engaging your core and working those abs and legs

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