30 min LEG & THIGH Killer Burn Workout ~ Emi

to the moon and back we had a love like that hi I'm Emmy today is a 30 minute licks and thighs workout there's no jumping but I guarantee you the burn it's actually the last week I'm proud of you for making it this far and let's push it to the finish line and if you're ready for this workout let's go 30 exercises 40 seconds each 15 seconds rest in between there will also be longer rest of 30 seconds and one minute in between sets first exercise summer squat tap and reach [Music] feet wide apart and Sumo stance chest up work the inner thighs squeeze the glutes when you stand back up [Music] brush my teeth while you're taking a shower if there's one thing I know there is [Music] don't you ever say you are not enough baby [Music] doesn't have to have to be home second reverse lunge to knee raise [Music] we're focusing on one side first [Music] of holy holy [Music] love [Music] third other leg [Music] foreign yourself why you started let's give it our best [Music] [Music] fourth single leg RDL oh [Music] engage your hamstring and glutes core tight to stay in balance can container [Music] is she human kind out of my mind [Music] fifth switch leg [Music] s when you stand up lightly tap the race food on the ground maintain the tension [Music] when I wake up in a funky mood first instinct the soup and drink till I can't think life is pretty yeah next crap walk [Music] last one in the set before a longer 30 seconds rest go lower challenge yourself get that Sideburn [Music] part of me [Music] rest for 30 seconds next set we're going down to the floor starting with lying leg lifts two Pals [Music] [Music] they only want to be best friends go exercise what I gotta do to make you face the truth you didn't act like a friend that night maybe that's why I felt so right do I really need to spit it out for you we are going into passes in three two one [Music] in your sleep tell me friend can't you see you're in love with me it's obvious [Music] eighth other side [Music] can't you admit that you want this everybody knows it except for you yeah [Music] three two one houses feel the burn in the thigh this is what we're here for me [Music] ninth and not like lift to front [Music] exercise [Music] three two one bring your leg forward and backward [Music] s everything yes 10th change legs [Music] the inner thigh burn is real enjoy it [Music] for Better Days Show Me Love three two one leg front and back [Music] eleventh Cross Lake to Skye [Music] [Applause] exercise legs crossed like scissors up towards the sky [Music] Target the burn in the thighs [Music] good afternoon 12th front pump exercise feet together lift your hip up and squeeze your glutes pause at the top IC last one in the set before 30 seconds rest but we've got [Music] rest for 30 seconds next that we're standing back up with curtsy lunge to side race [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you stay focused strong core and balance [Music] [Music] 14th at the side [Music] [Music] [Music] Target the burn in the thighs and glutes 20 seconds [Music] [Music] 15 front and back lift [Music] exercise front left foot front left for 20 seconds [Music] back left in three two one [Music] 16th switch leg [Music] s we are halfway through keep up the good work [Music] three two one back lift squeeze the glutes to maximize the burn [Music] yes yes 17th Lean Forward lunge [Music] sometimes exercise lean forward as you lunge down focusing on working the front leg and not so much the back leg squeeze the glutes to stand back up [Music] you should feel the burn mainly in the front leg [Music] but don't you try to call me tomorrow [Music] 18th at the lake [Music] exercise last one before a one minute long rest push it you are built to be unstoppable [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] enjoy your 60 seconds rest and get ready for our fourth set back down to the floor for Lake circles [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercises [Music] other direction in three two one [Music] each other [Music] [Applause] [Music] 20th change Lake [Music] [Applause] [Music] push me away three two one switch Direction enjoy the burn all around the sides 15 seconds sometimes [Music] 21st good Bridge March [Music] [Music] exercise keep your hips lifted squeezing your glutes raise one leg at a time [Music] don't let your hips drop keep them up [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh 22nd donkey kicked to fire hydrant [Music] it's a shame it's a shame start with donkey cake keep your back stable [Music] going into fire hydrant in three two one [Music] 23rd at the lake all right [Music] Target The Squeeze and the goods [Music] three two one fire hydrant Stars but we fall we ran we Rise Against foreign [Music] [Music] last one in the set before 30 seconds rest keep going [Music] always keeping us restless with the lights keeping us Restless oh he's keeping us red 10 seconds [Music] rest for 30 seconds and we're going into our final set of this workout squat hold calf raise [Music] just a minute of your time [Music] in squat hold lift your heels up four calf raise [Music] I know the burn is intense I feel it too but challenge yourself and go even lower you are stronger than you think [Music] me [Music] yes next reverse lunge to knee raise [Music] exercise we have come so far already be proud of what you have achieved you got this [Music] relax Ed other side [Music] exercise [Music] push it through 20 seconds [Music] sumo squat tap and reach please [Music] we have done this already practice makes perfect this time we're doing it even better [Music] I would never blame [Music] it's just [Music] good Rich March I can hear you sleep [Music] killing it you are a beast eyes on the final prize [Music] 15 seconds [Music] Interest final exercise cross legs to Sky [Music] exercise [Music] [Music] we're almost done stay focused 20 seconds [Music] and we are done great work I'm so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too remember progress over Perfection you did amazing and I'll see you again very soon angel in disguise – 30 min LEG & THIGH Killer Burn Workout ~ Emi

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