GENDER Reveal + Whats In My Hospital Bag

– Hey guys, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. So today I thought I would do something, a little bit different because, we are getting so near to labor right now. So, I wanted to do a bit of a little insight into what's going on. So I'm gonna show you a bit of the nursery, which is what we've been working on, or what I've been working on. Still not completely finished yet 37 weeks. I'm also gonna take you through my hospital bag, 'cause I find it fascinating to see what other people take. So many people take tons of different things, so I thought I would just show you, like what I've put together for my bag, and for the baby's bag. And, yeah, that's about it. So, keep watching and let's get into it. I'll show you the baby's room first, I'll flip the camera around. Now I'm gonna be revealing the gender. So, don't know if I've had the baby, or not had the baby when this video goes up. But, if it hasn't, you guys are gonna see the gender, and if I have then, yeah, anyway, let me flip the screen around so you can see. So it's still a bit of a mess at the moment, but, as you come in, this is her little wardrobe, still got a few more bits waiting to arrive, and got a little play mat down here. Then my hospital bag, which we're gonna go through, her car seat, her hospital bag, then we have a cute sofa here, which I'm gonna put a nice photo up here, yeah, I wanna like tie in a bit of green and pink, because I have some flowers coming, artificial ones that are gonna go over here, like a big stack of flowers which are really pretty. Gonna move this lamp probably over here. Then this is her nursing table, please ignore the camera. And then, here, I've got so many different things. I've got all of my amazing pureborn stuff, nappies. I've got washcloths, bibs, and I've just got some more clothes down here, and sleeping stuff. We've got a bed 'cause originally, this was our spare room. And then this is her little bed, we actually do have a bed in our room, which is the next new bed, but this is just an additional cot, for daytime naps and also she can grow into this, up until the age of two. So we've got this really cute canopy that I got on Amazon. We've got her little blankies. This is from my sister, which I absolutely love, it's her first little toy which is adorable. Sleepyhead, and then we've got this amazing mattress, that we got from a brand, I will have to put it in the description, if you guys wanna know what it is, and I'll explain that now. A lot of the stuff that we actually bought Aaron and I, are all natural and organic, because we didn't wanna use any chemicals, or processings in the items, that we were gonna put the baby on. So the mattress that we've got, is made out of all bamboo and coconut, I can put the brand in the description box below, and we had to order it from France, just because we just didn't know what the baby was gonna be sleeping on and wanted to make sure it was the best for her. And, obviously, it's very firm as well so it's good for her head. And, also, we've made sure that everything that we have got like all the blankets, the muslins, the swaddle cloths, are organic bamboo or cotton. And then the bed that we have in our room as well, it's from Snuz and SnuzPods I think it is. Again and we went for natural. So no chemicals or anything in it, and we're just trying to keep it as natural as possible because we don't want any chemicals going into the baby, but that's our nursery. Like I said, there's a few little bits left to do. I could go into labor obviously at any point now, especially my doctors have said that. And if you guys see my previous vlog I would have said what has been going on. So we're just trying to tie together, like the last bits. Now I do have my mum and that coming over so they can always go and pick up any additional things that I need. And other than that, it's pretty much covered together. I mean, the baby's got everything that she needs, but let's get into the hospital bag, let me show you what we've got packing in there. Okay. Let's finally get into the hospital bag, which I find hilarious that I'm filming one of this, but I am. So the first one I'm gonna to take you through is the baby's bag. So I actually bought this bag from Mango and it's because I didn't really like any of the baby bags that I saw. So I ended up just going for this one and I absolutely love it. It fits absolutely everything that I need in there, so it's perfect. One thing I have to do is I have to print out my latest blood results, the hospital asked for it, so that's just kept in the baby's bag because it's easy access for me to get out. And also at mine and Aaron's passport for ID and obviously my medical insurance card and all that just, so I've packed a cellular blanket for the baby. So this is the bamboo one that you also saw on her little bed. We've got one of them and then I have her swaddle here. So this one is so cute. It's got lots of butterflies and stuff on so I got that. And I've also found these amazing swaddles on Amazon actually. And they're just super easy because you put the baby in it and you just wrap it around and it felt prose. That is going to probably be a lot easier for me to use because I'm not going to lie. I had a look at how to do the swaddling and yes, it looks easy, but I can't really be bothered. So I'm gonna try it with the pretty ones. But if we do have these super easy backup ones, they're organic again from Amazon. If you guys want me to send you the link, let me know. And I've also just got a couple of bibs in here that we found. I've got her little hats, I've taken three hats. One just to chuck in case it gets ruined, (coughs softly) excuse me. And then obviously I've got them for when she leaves. You got some socks in here. I've got tons of socks. I think this is absolutely adorable. I got these from England. Look, they've got little cats on. So sweet. So I'm just taking a bunch of different socks. We've got mittens in here as well, they're so small I can't even deal. And then I've also just put like a bunch of different clothes in here just for when she comes out, when she's born, et cetera. But I'll just show you the couple of ones that we have on top. So we've just got some trousers and then we've just got tons of these little baby grows because it's absolutely baking here. Like even today, again, it is 35. So if she's born within the next week or two, she's going to be born in basically a ton of heat. And I don't want her to, you know, sweat it out, but we've got that. And I've also as a backup, just bought this as well, just with long sleeves and long little legs just in case, you know, she's cold and she needs a little bit of warmth. So we've got that and I've got a couple of them at the bottom. And then obviously, like I said, at the top, and then I've got, my wipes with me from Pureorn, and also just some nappies. So these are adorable. I've taken the pineapple ones with me, as you can see they're t

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