hey squad it is day 10 of the 30 day challenge we are a third way through and we have 20 days to go so let's keep crushing it together now today's affirmation is i choose my path now we all have choices to make what positive choices are you going to be making today so our key word here is choose i choose are you ready to absolutely crush this workout with me i hope so so if you are not warm make sure to go to the description box and click on those warm-up links okay if you're ready let's do this all right so we're going to start off with c which is a 30-second forearm plank are you ready three two one let's go core engaged nice and tight hips parallel to the ground booties squeezed good and brief good stuff so we are halfway keep going you got it just remember to think about what choices what positive choices you are going to be making from today and relax okay so we're gonna have a slightly shorter rest period today because this is a quick snappy workout okay next up we have h which is butt kicks we will be doing 60 seconds of those are you ready three two one let's go court engaged staying on the balls of your feet and driving your feet up as fast as you can [Applause] always remember your breathing good you've got this keep going [Music] okay 35 seconds to go [Music] and 20 seconds [Music] cool tight keep going get last 10. [Music] good three two one and relax side step it out nice deep breaths and rest good stuff okay so we have double o so we are gonna put this next exercise together singularly it's 30 seconds mountain climbers but we're going to do it for 60 seconds this time are you ready okay just prepare in high plank position core engaged and driving those knees let's go [Music] okay remember think on all those positive choices that you were going to make you choose what direction you go in life good stuff keep going you've got this that is 1 o down keep going you've got this push [Applause] nearly there [Music] and drive whoa and relax well done on your feet and rest good stuff whoa there's mountain climbers i felt those today all right so next up we have s which is how 25 glute bridges i hope we're ready to activate that booty all right prepare five seconds four three two one let's go driving up through those feet keeping your heels flat on the ground that's two three four nice control movement five six seven that's eight 12. 13 14 15 10 more 16 17 18 19 [Music] 20 last five and one two three four last one we're gonna hold for ten and twenty five eight seven six five four squeeze two three two one and relax shake that booty out well done okay last one is jumping squats we're gonna finish off nice and strong [Music] remember we all have choices to make what path are you gonna choose today okay 25 jumping squats for e three two one chest up core engaged let's go one two three squeeze those quads hang it five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen 15 16 17 18 you got it 19 20 that's five one two three four and 25. all right well done absolutely crushing through that workout short but nippy and very spicy as usual okay okay remember just to think on that affirmation and keyword today i choose my path man please don't squash let me know who else is getting these jumps squats are getting because today i'm like all right i'm not gonna keep you any longer enjoy the rest of your day i will see you tomorrow [Music] peace

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