45 Min Full Body FAT BURN Workout | Get Flat Abs, Lean Legs & Arms | No Jumping Ver Included

Hey everyone, welcome back! So today's workout is a 45 minutes full-body workout. That's going to target every part of your body, so your arms, your back, your chest, your legs, your glutes, and your abs. So, pretty much everything. I've also included low impact, no jumping variations to all my exercises. So if jumping is not your cup of tea, you can do the low-impact versions instead. This workout is part of my free 30 days flat belly challenge, but you can do this workout on its own or you can choose to join my free program too, and let's jump straight into it. Before we start, I'll really appreciate it if you could smash that thumbs up button, drop me a comment and share this free workout program with anyone who needs it. Now let's start with boxer shuffle just slow and easy. Next we've got slow high knee. Overhead reach is next. Twist your body and give your arms a good stretch. We've got lunge tap next. Really great to warm up the body. Next, let's do some squat reach. Next we've got warrior deep lunge. Spread your arms and lunge forward. Then go down into a deep lunge and stretch those hamstrings and hip flexors. Now, on to the other side. Next we've got inchworm. Then we've got a quick ten seconds break before we jump into set one, which is a full-body exercise set. Alright, we're starting set one with shuffle and touch ground. Remember to stay safe guys, when you shuffle from side-to-side. You can also follow the low impact version if you want to take it easy or can't move around as much. Just do lunge tap instead. It is really great to increase your heart rate as well. Next we've got skater hops with arm swing. Take a big jump to one side and bring one leg behind you and do the same on the other side. For low impact, just don't do the jump. Take a big step instead. We've got squat kick next on the left leg. As you come up from a squat, do a little jump and kick your left leg and jump back into a squat again. Or you can do it without the jump for low impact version. Just do a squat kick without the jump. Now, on to the other side. Next, we've got touch ground and kick. Start by bringing one leg behind and touch the ground with your hand. Then do a little jump and kick the other leg forward. This exercise is absolutely great for the whole body and your abs. So be safe, guys. Don't lose your balance like I did. take it slow and steady for low impact. Now, on to the other side. Great work, guys! That's one set down, seven more to go. We've got a twenty seconds break before we jump into the next set, which is a leg exercise set. You can take a longer break, up to a minute break if you need to. Let's start with curtsy lunge with kick next. Start by bringing one leg behind you and lunge down, Then get up and kick the other leg to the side. Remember to engage that core, guys! Now, on to the other side. Next we have reach and heel tap. Concentrate and engage on your core as you do those taps. You can lower down your body a little bit more if you want it more challenging. Now, on to the other side. Next we have side lunge crunch. We'll start with the left side first. Lunge to the side and as you come up, make sure you squeeze that abs and crunch. Now on to the other side. Now, we've got in and out to finish our set. For low impact, just don't do the hops. You can also swing your arm like-so if you want more movement to it. Great work, guys! Now we've got a 20 seconds break and we're going into our back exercises next. Let's start with supine press. So get on your mat. Have your left feet flat on the ground, and the other feet bent behind you. Now press up using your left arm, as you bring your right hand up, reaching the sky and have your face facing upward as well. Now for the easier version, just do a press up without the arm reach and face forward instead of upward. Make sure you keep your core tight. Now on to the other side and this exercise really works the back. Next we have row and reach. Get into a push-up position and do a row, followed by a reach. For low-impact, just do rows on both arms. Now on to the other side. For low impact, just do reaches only. Next we've got reverse plank. For those of you that find it hard, you can have your knees bent or do a tabletop. And if that's too hard, then drop down your butt a little and this exercise is really great for your arms and your back. Next we have back rotation. Lie on your belly, and engage your core muscles and pulse like- so. Squeeze your back and tense your core each time you pulse. Now flip around and we've got reverse plank leg extensions to end set three. You're gonna feel this one on your arms, but stay in it, guys! You're able to rest those arms after this. For low impact, just go slower and rest if you need to. Great work, guys! We've got a 20 second break, then we're onto our inner thigh and glute exercises. Let's start with side lunge leg raise. Now, on to the other side. Sumo squats are next. Squat as normal, but give yourself a little jump as you come up, if you want that extra burn. But feel free to exclude that and do a regular sumo squat instead Next, we have sumo hold and punch. Now this may seem really easy if you're not doing it right. Be sure to engage and squeeze that abs and work those arms as you throw those air punches. Get on a mat, as we've got inner thigh circles next. You can add some arm circles to work those arms as well. I'm all about working different muscle groups at the same time. Now flip around, so we can do the same on the other side. Next we've got some glute bridges. Thrust those hips up, as high as possible and squeeze those glutes. Now for the last exercise of this set, we've got scissors. Lift your legs up and have your feet pointing outwards and cross them like a pair of scissors. This really works the inner thighs. Great work, guys! Get on your feet we're halfway there. We've just four more sets to go! You can take a little break. 30 seconds or 1 minute break if you want to. We're starting the set with knee pulls. Bring one leg behind you and drive it back up and squeeze that abs. Now, on to the other side. Next we have reach and side crunch. Twist your body and bring your left arm to one side then do a side crunch on the left side, too. For low impact, you can do it slow or do a side crunch instead. Now on to the other side. Next we've got my favorite, mountain climbers. So get on your mats and make sure you squeeze your abs. Flip around and we've got some straight leg crunches to end this set. Keep your legs as straight as possible and reach forward to your feet and pulse three times, and this exercise is gonna burn your abs so badly. Great work, guys! Now get on your feet and we'll be starting the sixth set with another full body set to get that burn. Let's start with skater hops with arm swing. Just three more sets to go, guys. We can do this. We've got some high kicks next. For low impact, just slow down and kick one leg up, at one time. Next we've got box and c

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