30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT – Abs, Arms, Thighs & Legs! (Standing Exercises Only, No Mat Needed)

Welcome to today's movement. I want to first say thank you to today's sponsor, Squarespace! Today we have to do 30 minutes of exercise (this part was taken after exercise, so I look very tired)! Many people left messages asking me to shoot another 30-minute exercise video. You will sweat a lot and your whole body will feel exercised. The great thing is that this exercise only involves standing movements, which is suitable for doing after a big meal or after a big meal. If I haven't exercised for a long time, this is also very suitable for me because I have eaten too much junk food recently, so I really need this kind of exercise now. So, I wanted to take a photo and share it with you! If you're ready, let's get started! This time there are five groups, each group has five exercises. Each group will train different parts of the body. Each exercise should be done for 45 seconds and then rested for 15 seconds. There is a one-minute rest period in the middle of each group to warm up at the beginning. The body is ready to burn fat! The first exercise is called windmill. The feet are a little wider than the shoulders, the toes are outward, the hands are stretched out to the left and right, the legs and back are straight, the upper body is bent forward and then turned, so that the right hand touches the left foot, and then the left hand touches the right foot. When one hand touches your foot, the other hand should be pointing toward the sky. Try to turn your back and shoulders as much as possible. Your back should be kept parallel and the center should be very stable. Your breathing should become faster in fifteen seconds, which is good! Rest for 15 seconds before the second exercise. The second exercise is to ask Jack to jump with his feet to the left and right, with his hands going up at the same time, and then when his feet jump back to the middle, it is very simple to lower his hands together, but it will definitely make you sweat. Getting your breath pumping faster will burn more calories. Use this time to remind yourself of your goals? How will this sports meeting help you achieve your goals? Don’t give up, we have to complete this exercise together. Great, the next third exercise, knee-shooting running, will make us burn fat! Start jumping. One knee should come up so that the hand on the other side can pat the top of the knee. The hands should take turns to pat the knees on both sides. Continue jumping. This is not only a fat-burning exercise, but also exercises your side and lower abdominal muscles! Great, come on! Although it is tiring, this is the effect we want! Get ready for the fourth exercise, Kick Butt. Hold your hands together in front of your chest like running but don't go forward! And your feet should touch your butt with every step. This exercise will make you panting. Come on, burn fat. Don’t give up! The next exercise won’t be as intense as the previous one, come on! It wasn’t easy but we succeeded! The last exercise in this group is called skating. You should tighten your center and back and jump to the side. With one foot in front and one foot behind, bend your upper body forward and try to touch the foot on the other side with your hands. Take turns to jump left and right for 45 seconds. This is this group. The last exercise is to jump as fast as possible and challenge yourself! Burn fat in a few seconds and take a minute's rest, come on! The first set is done, I'm going to show you some of my Fiji footage during a minute's break! finally reached! It's hard to believe we are in Fiji Island Fiji Island What are you going to buy? Too excited. Do you want cheese and onion flavor or salt and vinegar? I'm eating Chad right now and imitating my skin care product video and taking pictures. We're going to eat at four o'clock in the morning. You tell everyone what just happened. This is our last video, isn't it? Hahaha, baby, don't cry. Time is almost up. Get ready to start the second set of exercises. oh! Gotta train your abs! The first exercise in this group is called the standing abdominal bicycle. The fingers are connected together and the knee on one side behind the head is raised. Then the upper body is turned around so that the elbow on the other side touches the raised knee. This counts as one turn of left and right sides. For 45 seconds, you need to specifically train the lower and side abdominal muscles, that is, the internal oblique muscles. When you turn your upper body and bring your knees up, you must use the internal oblique muscles to continue to concentrate on the exercise and breathing! The next exercise is called Elbows to Knees, which is very good at burning fat around the belly and front. Let's practice it first. Put your right hand behind your head and lift your right knee to the right. At the same time, move your upper body down to the right side, letting the right elbow Touch the right knee and use the internal oblique muscles to repeat for 22 seconds. Then let's switch sides 3, 2, 1. When changing sides, you must control this movement and train the right muscles. The third exercise is called starting when the hand touches the toes. The posture is the same. Put your hands behind your head and kick your legs forward until they are parallel to the floor. Then the other hand should come down and touch your toes. Keep your hands and feet as straight as possible (it doesn't matter if your knees are slightly bent). Take turns on the left and right sides for 45 seconds. Every time you kick your legs forward, you must use your abdominal muscles, so good! The fourth exercise is called sideways drop. This will make the internal oblique muscles slowly burn fat. The same posture is used to start. With the hands behind the head, first practice the right upper body and slowly bend to the right for 2 to 3 seconds and then stand up straight. Count one repetition for 22 seconds and then switch sides. No need to be fast. Slowly enjoy this abdominal muscle exercise. This will also burn fat on your waist. The last abdominal muscle exercise in this group is called knee lift. Turn your hands and use your center to let the body move on both sides of the waist. With good balance, lift your right leg forward to 90 degrees. Turn your leg to the right and return to the front three times before you can lower it. Repeat this action with your left leg three times and return to your right leg. We need to concentrate on training these central muscles. That's it. Muscles will make the belly and waist smaller. This exercise will also train the abdominal muscles below. Especially when you raise your knees and turn them to the side, you will also burn the fat on your waist. It is really an effective exercise. Come on, you can rest for a minute. After successfully completing the abdominal exercise, I will show you one more minute of the Fiji Island video. Drink some water, enjoy it and see how beautiful the color of the water is! So beautiful, so excited. Our room, I don’t like it. Couple mask time. The day of the proposal. Breakfast, muffins, cereal, bread. What are you doing? Welcome to my health channel Sunburned Go Boating! We have rested enough, let's continue exercising. Let's go to the third group of exercises. The third group is to train the upper body, that is, the arms, shoulders and back. The first exercise is called reaching up and reaching up. Stretching the hands forward, palms down, tightening the shoulders and then Pull your elbows back and come back. Stretch your hands up and then lower them. Contract your shoulders again. Repeat this for 45 seconds. You should feel a little soreness in your shoulders, upper back and arms. After completing one, there are four more things to do. Do! The next exercise is called Circles in the Air and trust me, this exercise looks simple but it is really effective! Stretch your hands to the left and right and draw circles forward for 22 seconds. After 22 seconds, we will start to draw circles backwards. Notice that you are not just moving your hands, but your arms are drawing circles all the way to your shoulders. 3, 2, 1, change Try to keep your arms almost parallel to the floor. Don't let your hands come down. I know this exercise is not easy. Although it seems simple, it is really useful. Don't give up! Completed another one! The third exercise is called jogging and boxing in place. Like me, I jog in place with my hands and feet facing forward. Each hand punches inward with each hand. Take turns punching with the left and right hands for 45 seconds. You can run faster. If you punch harder with your hands, you will burn fat. The effect will be better and your arms will also be trained, come on! You are here to exercise, not to rest. There is no such thing as something for nothing! There are two exercises left in this group. The fourth exercise is called wall push-ups. Don’t think that this exercise is easy because you use a wall. It is difficult and will make you sore! Put your hands in front of your shoulders and lean against the wall. Walk your feet two or three steps back and stand on tiptoe. Put your hands against the wall and bend your elbows to bring your body closer to the wall. Your elbows should be beside your body, not outwards. There should be a straight line from your head to your feet. Use the center. If it is too easy to push your muscles back to the starting position and repeat for 45 seconds, take two or three steps back with your feet. I know you must feel very sore. Keep working hard. I believe you can complete it together. I will suffer with you. It will be better soon! The last upper body exercise, wing flying. This exercise is also an exercise that looks easy but is difficult to do. Let’s do it together! The feet are a little wider than the shoulders. Bend your upper body forward so that it is almost parallel to the floor. Tilt your butt back a little and bend your knees a little. Stretch your hands back and tighten your shoulders and back. Raise your hands back to the highest point and then do an up and down motion. If you feel soreness in your arms, back and shoulders during the flying movement of wings, it means that the exercise is very effective, come on! I know it hurts, but that's why we come to exercise together. I won't give up, and neither do you! Just another 10 seconds. It’s about to take a minute’s rest. Come on, just another 5 seconds. What a crazy exercise! Look at my face! Fortunately, I can rest for 1 minute now! Now it's time to get ready for dinner. To celebrate our anniversary together, dress nicely. Chad prepared a nice dinner for Emily. Isn't it beautiful? Very beautiful, I like it very much! Chad said he had prepared a secret place to eat. Maybe Emily already knew about it. It shouldn't be a bad place, right? Where is the photo I sent you before? Here? right! Climbing the stairs They're all ready It's a lot like Bachelor in Paradise (Emi's favorite show) So beautiful, so beautiful Baju look at me What are you doing? I know. . . Don't make me cry. Juju is okay. It's okay. Let's get back to the task of exercise. The fourth group of exercises should be specially trained on the legs. The first exercise is called sumo squats, which will especially help the muscles on the inner thighs to move the feet to the side. Take a big step, with your feet twice as wide as your shoulders and your toes facing outwards. Squat down with your hands together in front of your chest until your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are directly above your ankles. This counts as one. Repeat for 45 seconds. Don’t be lazy. The exercise is about to end. Let’s train the muscles of the thighs together. The second exercise is called front lunge. Place your hands in front of your chest, keep your upper body straight, relax your shoulders, and don’t lower your chin. Take a step forward and lower your waist until both knees are bent at 90 degrees with the weight of your body. On your heels, tighten your butt and then stand up. Return to the starting position. This counts as one time. Take turns to do the left and right sides. This exercise will train your buttocks, thighs, calves, and hamstrings. In fact, it will train your whole body. Come on, Keep moving! The second exercise is completed and the third exercise is called single-leg deadlift. This exercise will train the back, butt and legs. Stand on one leg, slightly bend the knees, bend the upper body forward, and stretch the other leg back (help you Balance your body) Stretch your hands down until you can touch the floor. Your upper body and back legs should be parallel to the floor. Tighten your hips and then return to the starting position of standing up. After 22 seconds, change sides and try your best to stand up every time. Another exercise was completed using the muscles of the butt and buttocks. The fourth one is called side lunge. Do it in a sumo-style squat position. Start by leaning the upper body to the side and slowly move to the side. Move the butt back and then bend the knees to 90 degrees. , keep the other leg straight and push yourself back to the starting position with your heel. Because this movement can train the thighs and butt very well, I like it very much and will often put it into my daily exercise. This set of exercises will be completed soon. The last exercise is called the Sumo Squat. It is very similar to the first exercise in this group. You have to stand with your feet very wide, your butt back, your thighs parallel to the floor and don’t move. We can’t stand up before 45 seconds is up! I know this exercise is really tiring and will make your legs extremely sore, but I promise it’s worth it! Don't stand up, don't sit down, don't let me do it alone! Come on, it’s almost the one minute break! Come on, come on, 10 more seconds, come on, baby. Four groups of exercises are completed, and only one group is left! Enjoy your one-minute break first. I prepared a surprise for her. Did I dial the wrong number? God, how could this happen? My mom isn't answering the phone. Hello? Hey, Mom, Chad just proposed! Good morning everyone, we are an unmarried couple now. Chad had a nightmare, do you want to tell me? I dreamed that Emily went to Bachelor in Paradise and went on a date with another man and kissed him! It's disgusting, she's so naughty! ! Chad's first dream after getting engaged! So pitiful. Okay, the last group is leg training! Come on, you have completed most of the exercise, you can’t give up now! The first exercise in this group is called squat kicking. Stand a little wider than your shoulders, not as wide as a sumo squat. The width of a normal squat is just with your hands in front of your chest. When you squat down and stand up, one leg should go forward. Kick sideways, alternate kicking on both sides for 45 seconds, kick hard, and squat seriously. The more seriously you exercise, the better results you will get. The second exercise is called curtsy lunge, which will especially train the inner and outer muscles of the thighs. Take one step to the side with one leg behind your butt, and the other leg still forward. The two legs should be bent at 90 degrees like a normal lunge, but the back foot should step behind the front leg and go down twice, and then stand up with both legs. Take turns practicing for 45 seconds to tighten your butt every time you stand up. You guys are great. You are almost done today! Can not give up! The third exercise is called crab walking. Put your hands on your chest and lower your buttocks. Halfway into a squat, tighten your buttocks. Then raise one foot and take one step to the side. Take four steps to the side. After that, we stand up, then squat down and walk back. Don't do that. stop! After standing up, squat down immediately and continue to move, and continue to practice the buttocks and thighs! It's almost done, don't think too much, keep moving, keep looking at me! The last two sports, come on! The fourth exercise is called the Side Jump Squat. Put your feet together and jump 90 degrees to the right. Spread your feet apart and squat once. Jump back to the starting position and repeat to the left. I challenge you to go as fast as possible! But you have to maintain the right posture. Come on, come on, it’s almost over, do your best! Drink some water and get ready to do the last exercise of the day. I saved the best exercise for last. Jump on a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your hands upwards. Sit back and bend your knees at almost 90 degrees. Start jumping up and down at a jumping speed. And length will determine how much thigh fat you burn! It's not just you who thinks you're going to die. Come on, there's still 20 seconds left! Even though it’s crazy, we still won’t give up! Challenge yourself, you can go beyond your limits. Come on, baby. It's almost the end of thigh training. Come on, don't sit down, jump, jump, jump. You will succeed, I believe in you! Oh my god, we did it! Now for stretching! We completed this 30-minute exercise together, training every part of the body. Of course it is not easy, but there is nothing easy! Although everyone wants to give up during exercise, we prove to ourselves that we can do it! You guys are great! Here are some simple ways to do stretching, and I also have another complete stretching video. Finally, I want to share more with you about Squarespace. They are a great platform that allows you to design your own website or website with great templates. There is no need to install any software or update the Road Store. It is completely online and a very transparent platform, making it easy for you to design and use. Many people will use it, especially creative people, such as musicians and artists. Designers, restaurants, etc. If you want to create any kind of website, Squarespace can help you. If you use the link above, you can get short-term free use, and there will be a 10% discount later! I'm so happy you guys did this together, see you soon! So tired, so tired. Look at my biceps and abs. Oh oh oh

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