FIRST DAY AS A FULL-TIME YOUTUBER ft. Matt Steffanina, Jessica Wong, Shi Lime, Shisao Chengcheng

Today is my first day as a full-time YouTuber! I must make a vlog to record this day so that you can witness this process together, because without your support I would not be able to do this. Oat milk, with banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds and watermelon water added because I never drink it. Coffee and tea Good morning Juju Ball Ju Isn’t it cute Ball Ju Why are you looking so stupid? Clumsy mother: Look at its legs, it’s crossing its legs haha ​​like a lady in the edited video… The PR is being opened and sent to me I was opening a gift during the filming of the video. A century has passed… My skills in unpacking are terrible… My lunch was the same as yesterday's dinner, with quinoa pork chops, potatoes, bean curd-wrapped vegetables, and chickpeas , mushrooms and clams. I just realized that I haven’t washed my face. It’s already 12 o’clock. Continue editing the video at 2:00PM. I finally washed my face (I know it’s dirty haha). 3:00PM. Filming for all new viewers… Juju, your scratching sound is too loud. What a troublesome woman… In the past year while working as a YouTuber, I also had a full-time job. I always thought that once I quit my job, I would have more free time, but I found that if I didn’t organize my time well, I would My schedule is going to be packed as well. It’s only one hour left. I’m leaving now for shooting. Hello, this is Jess. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a private gathering with my friends. Although I’m very busy today, I really want to make good use of it. I had some time off from work and daily life, so I promised to attend the party and met up with Jess. I was very happy to meet her. I was waiting for Chad to go to the YouTube Fanfest dinner with him later and then… I met my friend. ! Is it your first day at a new company? It’s also my first day as a full-time YouTuber! Chad is here! With his luggage, he always brings a lot of things to spend the night at my house. Chad: This time I brought more. I have to stay for several days. Chad: I brought a lot of clothes because her house is too cold. Today we will be rehearsing for YouTube Fanfest and media interviews, so he took two days off and will stay at my house for the next week. Ball Ju must be very happy… where is my wallet? (This happens every day…) Ah, here Chad: What do we do now? You stink hahahaha. We just arrived at the venue. Chad: I better put on my coat. It was a pretty big dinner party. Chad: There were 4 tables. I thought there was only one table because there were only 14 creators, but we were early. Here we are, because we are going to shoot a Takeover for YouTube Fanfest IG, and I am very excited to discuss the first question with my colleagues in Singapore: What is Chad’s career? I work in the financial industry and am a trader. Is it too short? I'll add the GIF. Are the filters in Singapore different from those in Hong Kong? The dinner party has begun! I met Shilime and Shitsao. The first Chinese dish: Roast Suckling Pig. Chad: My favorite. We were so hungry. Chad: This is delicious! This is the first time we have met so many Hong Kong YouTubers. We are still as embarrassed as usual and don’t know how to talk to other people. But we have worked hard and met many amazing people. Look at Chad: It should be Nostoc despite its appearance. Not to please, but this is where the veggies come from other YouTubers: Tastes like Italian Chicken Feet! Let's watch them eat. Chad: I don't like chicken feet. Chad: It looks soft. Chad: Do you want to eat it? I won’t give you any money, just eat it. Chad: It’s good for skin and joints. Chad: Because it contains a lot of collagen. Other YouTubers: I think my skin is not bad… The chicken feet fell on your thighs. Matt: It fell on my lap… They came from the United States and we tasted Nostoc for the first time and had chicken feet and fish head, and there were eyes on it. Now they served goose feet. Chad: A dish It's more delicious than other dishes. The filling is lotus seed puree and salted egg yolk. Chad: It's delicious. It's very late now. Chad: Yes, it's almost 11 o'clock. Chad: Go back and play with BallBall for a while and then go to bed. Chad: Why don't you take pictures of me? Face? I couldn’t take the photo because of my height! Your hands are very tired, just hold the camera. Today is very interesting. Chad: Yes, I met a lot of new friends. Chad is very good at socializing. Chad: I helped Emi a lot. I kept nodding my head haha. Chad: Good night~ Today is my full-time job. First day as a YouTuber Chad: It’s fun! – FIRST DAY AS A FULL-TIME YOUTUBER ft. Matt Steffanina, Jessica Wong, Shi Lime, Shisao Chengcheng

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