How to “correctly” activate your core (keep your back on the ground)

hi guys welcome back so a lot of you guys have been asking me what does it mean by engaging your core does it mean like sucking your stomach in like that or why am I always feel the lower back pain but I can't feel anything in my abs today I'm going to show you how to activate your core correctly and how to avoid your back pain while you're doing this lying down apps [Music] workout so the first step how to find your core a lot of people think you're engaging your core that means you're inhale sucking your stomach in hold your breath this is engaging no this is completely wrong it's actually the opposite so when you truly activate your core you can still talk and breathe normally so let's do a little exercise together so you inhale sucking your stomach in right then you exhale imagine you wrapping your rib cage wrapping your hipbone lift your pelvic floor wrap everything into the middle I want you to do this sound while you're wrapping okay let's do that okay inhale this is soft which is wrong then you exhale wrapping everything [Music] together this is hard and strong so while you truly engage your core you can still talk and breathe normally while this is nice and flex okay so if it is really hot for you imagine someone coming to you and then they punch you into your stomach so what you're going to do you're not going to just leave it like that soft and let them hurt your stomach let them hurt everything inside no you Flex them keep them strong so when they hit you here is engaged so once again let's practice together this time I want you to hold there for 10 seconds okay let's do that now inhale second in exhale wrapping everything together make that sound hold there for 10 second 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 you got it so if it is still very hard for you to find your core to engage your core imagine you're coughing so when you cough this part is is engaged you can feel the muscles right here they are engaged they are strong they are hard and another way is by laughing so have you ever have the situation that when you laugh so hard so loud your stomach hurt so next time when you blast out laughing feel the muscles right here this is your engaged [Music] core okay moving on so I always ask you guys to keep your back flat on the ground while you're doing this lying down abs workout but it's so hard for you to keep them attached on the ground and always after you workout you always feelit the lower back pain instead of your core this is because your core isn't strong enough so that you are using your back muscles to compensate that that means you are not training your abs and you are hurting your back so let's come down to the mat I'll show you how to do it okay so now come lie down to the ground so usually when you lie down you can feel that there's a gap in between so you can put your hands underneath it this is wrong so are you doing this exercise here's like a arch this is wrong so how do you do it you put your feet up put your knees up then you til your pelvic floor forward so you move your pelvic floor forward then your back is flat on the ground so let me do it one more time so this is your normal normally like how you do your abs workout right then move your pelvic for forward this is called pelvic tail so that your back is attached to the ground okay so for example let's do ab exercise so when you lift and extend your legs downward it is very easy for you to arch your back that means you're not engaging your cord remember that little exercise we did together let's do it one more time together okay okay so [Music] inhale exhale WRA [Music] everything engage then let's try it one more time and this time I want you to stick your back fully on the ground as flatten as you can okay let's do that there's no Gap in between so if you can't lower your legs downward without arching your back bring them higher check if your back is still flatten on the ground so here is working fine to me it sounds great to me because this you're also working on your core so it is more important that you keep your back flattened on the ground keep your core engaged rather then force yourself to do a certain pose it is more important that you engage your core and protect your [Music] back okay so another thing is that while you're doing this lying down Abra out you will see a little bump in the middle let me show you okay so when you come down to the ground and let's say we are doing a situp so you come up there's a little bump in the middle so we call this dop me we call this bread loaf so it is actually your six-pack muscle being pushed forward so this isn't something that necessarily will hurt you it's just that you're not working on your deep core so what you're going to do is that before you do any Abra G do that little exercise that we did before then you do your abstra G with an Engaged stomach still remember how to do it in inhale open your rib cage exhale wrap everything in keep them nice and flex this is a little exercise that you can do every minute every second every day I would consider it 1 minute asout you can do it while you're sitting while you're standing while you're shower while you do your daily chores okay so I hope this video can help you to find your core take a slow practice every day you would definitely get the heck of it we all have apps everybody have apps it's just probably hiding underneath your fats so you need to burn off the fats then you will see your abs line so what you're going to do is that you need to do some abs workout the strength training plus the high intensity fat burning workout like cardio HIIT to burn off the fats lower your body fats then you will see the muscles underneath okay so I hope you guys like this video and I will see you guys in the next one [Music] bye [Music]

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