45 min Full Body Workout to BURN MAX CALORIES (Results in 2 Weeks) ~ Emi

it's time for another long workout 45 minutes from full body fat burn to working our arms shoulders back chest abs core or whole legs thighs glutes calves ending with a cool down and stretch i promise it's going to be such a fun sweat that time will just fly by it's one of my recent favorites i've been doing this at least three to four times a week before we start the workout i want to thank you skillshare for sponsoring this video skillshare is the perfect online platform if you want to learn more new skills and improve yourself with a supportive community it has thousands of inspiring classes and my recent favorite course is iphone photography taught by emily saskar from how to find inspiration to different techniques for example the composition and colors of a photo and the equipment you need to shoot and edit a photo i highly recommend you checking out the challenges and classes if you're not sure which course to start with because they're great to help you structure your time and set up achievable goals the first 1000 people to click the link in my description box below will get a free trial of skillshare premium membership and after that it's only around 10 a month and now if you're ready for the workout let's go there will be five sets in this workout full body upper body abs lower body and ending with cool down and stretch each exercise is 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between plus we'll get a longer 20 seconds break after each set let's get started with our first set 11 exercises for full body burn to get warmed up and activate the fat burning process first exercise is squat punch and cake [Music] exercise punch heart kick heart let's start this workout strong and just wanna powerful [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] rest second exercise is side lunge warrior [Music] keep your back flat we're not slouching down look up with chests open [Music] remind yourself why you're here today and the goals you want to achieve set your intention and let's go [Music] third is lift and tap with jack [Music] exercise knee tap toes tap hop your feet together and out [Music] [Music] stay focused remember your goals we're getting closer with every rep rest fourth is back chop exercise step one foot back as you extend it straight and bring your arms down and back in a chopping motion [Music] chop harder we want to challenge ourselves in every rap [Music] dress fifth is lizard lunch reach [Music] exercise reach your hand high twist your torso open your chest and look up to the ceiling [Music] [Music] with [Music] sixth is face up walk [Music] exercise push your hip off the ground walk your feet and arms to the back and then to the front again [Music] raise your hip higher we're not dropping you're feeling more burn now is what we're here for instead of complaining about it celebrate it this is how we get the results we want [Music] seventh back to squat punch and cake exercise we did this before we got the practice now it's time to smash it [Music] [Music] kick and punch your looking fierce and badass [Music] [Applause] [Music] eighth side lunch warrior [Music] [Music] [Music] it's trees [Music] [Music] ninth lift and tap with jack [Music] exercise last three of the set before we get our 20 seconds rest push it give it your all is [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] keeping me safe and sound and when i fall you blessed me out day i was down with an illusion like a sparrow with broken wings but now i shine with your reflection on me [Music] victory [Music] last one of the first set sprawl [Music] exercise hop both feet together at the same time to the back then jump them towards the hands and stand up [Music] of course i'm always saving the best for last no pain no gain we'll get a break real soon so test your limits here you can do whatever you put your mind into nothing is stopping us [Music] 10 seconds to go get in a few more reps [Music] enjoy your 20 seconds rest and get ready for our second set 11 exercises working the arms back chest and shoulders first exercise is plank walk exercise walk your hands past the shoulders to the furthest you can your body the closest to the ground hold your core tight so that you're in one straight line from head to heel [Music] challenge yourself walk your hands further out each time see how low your plank can go [Music] [Music] next is head tap exercise the key here is to squeeze in your abs tight to maintain your balance so that when you lift each arm up your body is not swaying from side to side [Music] one straight line from head to heel minimal movement off the hip we're stable and in control [Music] [Music] third back squeeze superman [Music] bring your elbows back squeeze your shoulder blades together torso up this is back squeeze then come back down and lift both arms and legs up as you arch your back into superman pose [Music] work your back get that burnt [Music] fourth a spider commando [Music] exercise core tight body in one straight line bring one knee in towards your elbow then push yourself up with commando into a high plank back down bring opposite knee in [Music] we're moving the burn is getting more and more intense enjoy it let it do the work [Music] [Applause] [Music] fifth is one side push-ups [Music] exercise only 20 seconds on one side and we'll switch it will be over before you know it keep trying keep up the good work [Applause] [Music] [Applause] three two one switch no success comes easy we grow and make progress through challenges so go even stronger when it gets tough [Applause] [Music] rest six we're standing back up for open heart and fly [Music] exercise look easy but we're not slacking here each step strong and powerful [Music] [Applause] [Music] ain't nobody gonna hold us down break all the rules let them [Music] seventh is wall push-ups [Music] exercise walk your feet away from the wall the further your feet are the harder your wall push-ups will be and the more burn you will get [Music] you can walk further halfway through the exercise to challenge yourself and see what you can achieve [Music] could tonight this right eighth dolphin climber [Music] exercise hip back and up into upside down v then down again to elbow plank bring your knee one by one twist your arms [Music] i know your arms are turning into jelly because minds are too but i'm not giving up i'm not a critter neither are you we're winners and we'll make sure this workout is going to be a win for us [Music] exercise we're almost done with the set last three exercises hang in there [Music] oh i know that you feel it too [Music] superman [Music] exercise squeeze your shoulder blades for more back burn [Music] would you follow me or would you let it be if i leave tonight we could do this right we'll find the remedy oh would you stay with me 11 again you know the best burn is at the end tricep dip knee lift [Music] exercise tricep dip with straight legs followed by knee lifts bringing one knee in towards your chest [Music] we're so close to the – 45 min Full Body Workout to BURN MAX CALORIES (Results in 2 Weeks) ~ Emi

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