Slim Thighs Workout 2.0 | Toned INNER & FRONT thigh for SURE

hi guys welcome back so a lot of you guys really like the slim thighs workout but I'm sure you guys must be bored so I think it's time for an update one so this workout targeting in the front of your thighs and also your inner thighs with some stretches at the end because sometimes when you think oh there's fat in your inner thighs but maybe there's muscles so some stretches at the end can really help you to relax those muscles and somehow you can slim it down so without further Ado let's get on to the video hi guys now let's start with an easy stretch to open up our legs while sitting on the floor with your feet facing each other just rock your legs up and down [Music] try to pull your face to your body as close as you can [Music] foreign a little bit backward support yourself with your elbows and lift your feet up point the toes increase cause your leg like this [Music] engage your core so that it can keep your upper body still and it can change your abdominal muscles [Music] oh [Music] now let's rest for few seconds okay now lift your feet up and slide one of your feet down to your body it's like about an arrow 45 seconds let's go foreign come on you can do this [Music] yes you did it now rest for a few seconds now lift your feet up strengthen your legs simply fits touching each other [Music] foreign [Music] engage your core lift your feet as high as you can you can do it lately I've been wondering [Music] you are doing great we are halfway done [Music] okay now lift your feet up again this time open your legs out to the side and close it like a book [Music] [Music] this is a really good pose to train our inner thighs come on lift your feet up as hard as you can point the toes you can do it [Music] okay now extend your legs and stack both of your feets together open your legs while you move towards you it looks like a fork swimming underwater come on don't let that fit fall apart extend your legs and lift it as high as you can you can do it we are almost done [Music] all my life oh my gosh I can't believe you guys stick to the end okay I promise this is the last one we did this before put one of your leg in front and another leg rock it up and down this is my favorite pose to train my inner thighs because it works every time [Music] good woohoo now you know the drill we have to do on the other side I'm sure you don't want any even legs [Music] foreign seconds to go we are not giving up in here [Music] all right [Applause] [Music] yes you did it now let's just do some stretches to relax our legs simply scroll down and open one of your legs to the side your toes should be facing forward just adjust your position try and see which one you feel better but you should definitely feel the stretch in your inner thighs foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is definitely the secrets to get lonely in Lake you can definitely add it into your daily routine I usually do it in the morning so that it can open up my body thank you okay now sit down we're going to do one more seated butterfly like we just did in our opening [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] open your legs out to the side support yourself with the elbows and your knees then rock your body back and forward you should feel the stretch in your inner thighs now be gentle don't push yourself too hard [Music] foreign [Music] slowly come back up and we are finished [Music] foreign now

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