5 min AT HOME AB WORKOUT | Intense Core | No Wrists

hey everyone today we'll be doing a five-minute at-home abs workout to really strengthen those core muscles it'll be risk friendly but super intense so grab your mat and let's hop to it all right let's get started we have 10 moves for 30 seconds each with no breaks for the first move start seated lean back 45 degrees and flex those heels you're going to tap the heel forward bring it back in alternating sides here we go super super gentle taps i want you to hardly put any pressure at all on your feet here roll the shoulders down and back to keep an open front body and if you do want to intensify then you can always hover those heels off the ground same thing but both legs out and in heels either top down or hovering off the ground for more intensity [Music] [Music] do [Music] down on your elbows you're going to draw the knees in then extend diagonal out and out good nice and slow and controlled get those shoulders down away from the [Music] ears [Music] all right you're going to extend those legs sit up reach for your foot and come back down option to bend that leg to modify [Music] go to reach and cross [Music] [Music] all right to plant those feet down you're gonna sit up reach for the front of the knees then come back down exhale inhale [Music] but still keeping that neck nice and long chin up and away from the chest [Music] hands behind the head you're gonna cross and tap elbow to knee come back down kind of like a modified bicycle good exhale twist inhale down [Music] toes together knees out wide you're going to crunch up reach past that knee up and down other side up and reach up and down [Music] so arms by your side you're going to lift those hips off the ground then gently tap the toes reverse crunch lift the hips and top good make sure we're moving nice and slow for this one all right extend those legs we're going to slowly lower open close and come back up if you want to intensify lift head and shoulders off the ground good really make sure low back is pressing into the floor super super important good you're almost there you have one move left after this one all right do sit up punch punch slowly lower nice and strong punches control it on the way down [Music] almost there three two one you did it stellar job you guys don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel and also follow me on instagram for updates i will see you in our next workout [Music] bye

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