XHIT – Boot Camp Workout: How to Get Fit

everyone welcome to exit my name is Rebecca Louise and I'm going to be taking you through a boot camp workout along with my trusted friends Alfie and Harvey so we've got loads of exercise loads of rounds which means we're going to be burning loads of calories so we're gonna start off we've got five jumping jacks then five push-ups five times through okay just take your weight five two last one and then go straight down monster grounds and press ups one two you can either go to your knees or up onto your toes okay back into those jumping jacks or as we call them star jumps three four five and back down again come on all these calories that we're gonna be burning one two three two more okay turn round let's go again five four keep jumping last one and back down again remember on your knees or on your toes give me two more we're going into the fourth round oh we're almost there five four keep jumping two last one and back down again I'm gonna go where toes you can mix it up a bit two three back up again Johnny into five Oh cat with me three two one laughs push-ups we can bury up to indulge your knees or your toes three two one whoo okay next everybody's favourite we're gonna do five burpees and then I'm going to get alternating toe touches so let's take these five burpees away one know that these are my favourite room if you wanna modify it when you get to the top just take out that jump last one okay let's take an alternating toe touches so just dropping down we've got 20 whoo they keep that tell you for bin we just want to drop down to that toe and breathe remember the more you breathe the more oxygen you're gonna get to your muscles and the longer that they can work your thing about breathing is giving you energy oh here we go we've got three rounds of these that's it breathe in hey Denise working hard okay three two and one okay second round of burpees – way to go find remember to make you all count three two more turn your last one drop it down give me a big jumpers in at alternating toe touches these are sort of time just to recover if you're gonna be bit a little bit wobbly and sometimes I am too just think about looking at something directly in front of you and just looking down to the ground here we are we are working our glutes here as well as our quads and I'll call this is a good total body workout just think how many calories were burning great job everyone let's keep it going we've got one more round of this ball three now ready to take into burpees if you give me one more and let's go five burpees one jump nice and high really go it's just to to go who feels good when you say once ago and let's take in for the last time is loose alternating toe touches ready 20 if they remember if you need to take a breather at any time give some water on board keep yourself hydrated don't just walk away and don't press pause when you're not gonna be out of burn all the calories that we're burning today that's it great job everyone and to really feel those legs working oh you can see as soon as I took my eyes off the bulb looking down it does tensor put your balancer did his teeth looking down no need to look at the screen just listen to my voice okay last one okay so let's work out those ABS comes down to the ground we've got five double crunches and we're gonna take it for 20 seconds of bicycles and we've got three rounds okay so arms behind your head crunch it in five that's it so bring your knees in and then bring your arms in okay take it for 20 seconds into bicycles now we're not gonna use our arms here we're just gonna really use those legs so feel it working and the lower part of your tummy which is the hardest part to work out okay keep it going come on give it really nice and fast four three two one take it back into those double crunch okay try and get your elbows to meet your knees oh it feels good two one let's take it 20 seconds again already got one more round after this how easy does it bill we just keep mixing up the workouts healthy let's say open your eyes he's asleep still come on out we house hope you're doing as well okay five four three two one bring in last four out of those double crunches see look how quickly that went three two one and then you lost 20 seconds of bicycles if you want to you can add in the arms mobile just gonna keep it just straight out here so that I'm really I'm working those lower abs okay come on really go for it straighten those legs as you get out to the end and five four three two one big jump back up again we're gonna be working those legs we've got ten skater hops then we've got ten alternating lunges five times through so ten if you're gonna need a little bit of space for this cause it really try and stretch that leg out we're going to take it into those lunges okay last one we're gonna take it back okay so backwards lunges and you've got ten of these this is alternating make sure that knee is not going over the toe and the bigger you make the lunge the more you're gonna turn up your body this is a great thing that you can do as well while you're watching TV let me take too much concentration great job everyone last one take into these scooter hops ten have take the great thing about this boot camp is that we're just switching up the workout each exercise only gonna do it for a short amount of time that's great last one back into those lunges use your second round remember got five great job just think how many calories you're burning and toning up your body at the same time this is a great workout to get in guys excellent keep it going two more and your last one third round skier hops – poor let's eat guys when you stretch that leg out at the back bend in the knee that's it homie stretch your legs out taking it back into those lunges third round you ready to take into your fourth round please still gonna give me a few more lunges how the lunge is going on I'll be okay come on three two oh one more dig into that fourth round now remember if you're finding this difficult you can always just take it down a notch just make your step smaller but remember the bigger and the more energetic you make your movements and more calories you're gonna burn and if you've got a type just 20 minutes to put in you may as well just give it your absolute all especially if you're someone that hasn't got much time we need to make that time count okay keep it going in those lunges two more you've got one round left let's go hey great job guys this is the tricky one really I'll work in those legs you should start to feel the burn the burnings is working great job thank you for the last time – those lunges oh gosh your shorts if you need to – that's it what's that knee doesn't go over the toe nice and low in that lunge ball to go two more make it count oh and give those legs a wiggle okay now it's time to work that booty so how you'll know squat for the best thing for it we're gonna squat down for five four-three show you something now new and

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