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– Do probiotics work? Well, let's find out in this video as I'm gonna be taking them for 30 days straight. Hey guys, I'm Holly Dolke, and I help thousands of women become confident in their bodies and their minds. And if you wanna know the best nutrition and training program for you, then don't forget to check out the quiz in the description box below. And before we get into this video, this is not sponsored at all, I decided to take these probiotics after some research. So probiotics are live microorganisms that are good for you and your digestive system. They can be consumed through fermented foods, or even supplements. And they can help to balance your good and bad bacteria, to keep your body working the way that it should. Probiotics have been linked to a wide range of health benefits, such as weight loss, digestive health, immune function, and much more. Live probiotic cultures are often found in fermented dairy products, such as yogurts, and milk drinks, and also fermented foods like pickled vegetables tempeh, miso, kefir and sauerkraut. Now, you can also take a probiotic as a supplement and a powder that contain the bacteria in a dried form. However, just know that some probiotics can be destroyed by stomach acid before they even reach the gut. Meaning that you get none of the intended benefits. Now, if you wanna get the health benefits of probiotics, it's really important that you consume a good amount. And from the studies that we have seen, this means a dosage of 1 billion to 100 billion live organisms or colony-forming units per day. So for this experiment I'm gonna be taking Bio-Kult. Because after some thorough research, each capsule contains a minium two billion live microorganisms, which is the equivalent to 10 million live microorganisms per gram. Now if you have watched previous videos of mine, you know that I have struggled with bloating in the past and I'm a huge believer in probiotics. Now since I've been away for a total of four weeks, off of my diet and traveling. And well, indulging a little bit too much, my stomach has suffered the consequences. So to help my gut, I'm gonna be taking Pro Kult Biotics that I have found in a health store nearby, for a total of 30 days. To see if they will work and see what happens. So come with me on this journey, see the changes, effects and the results. We're gonna dive straight into day two, because we need more than just one day of data. (upbeat bright music) So this is me after I've eaten, I've had breakfast, I've had lunch and I've also had a snack. Now my stomach normally was out here, seriously, it was so big before. Definitely calmed down a lot more, there's obviously a little bit of a bump here, but nowhere near as bad as what it was. So so far, so good. Hey guys, so we are on day seven of the probiotics. Now, I do feel a lot better in myself, I've noticed that my stomach doesn't seem to flare up as much as it was doing beforehand. So the probiotics are 100% working. I am away at the moment for a wedding on holiday. So I've been here now for about four days. Because we are drinking alcohol, it's not been heavy, but obviously, because I'm drinking alcohol, I'm not being as clean as I normally would. Because I don't normally drink, especially in the week. So that has had some impact, but I'm gonna show you my stomach, so you can have a look at it. But it definitely isn't bloating as much, I'm waking up in the morning with a flatter stomach, so I'm just gonna continue to, of course take it with my food as I am doing, and I will give you another update in another week. We are currently on week two of the probiotics, I'm literally just about to take them right now, as I've just had breakfast, still in Majorca, actually leaving today, I have had such a nice time. But I am so ready to go home, go back to my usual schedule, my normal routine, my normal food habits. Because I have obviously been eating out every single meal, because I haven't had cooking facilities. And I have been drinking alcohol. I've really tried to limit my intake, I've been making sure that I haven't been drinking a lot. But you know, when you're out socializing with people, you're out staying late as well, you're not in your normal routine sleeping habit. It can be really difficult and I think my gut has kind of suffered from this definitely over the past week. But the probiotics are still working. I am still currently bloated quite a bit, like I said, I think that it it because of the late night, alcohol and eating out. I don't know how they cook the food, yes, I am trying to make good choices, but at the same time, I am still eating things like pizza and whatnot. And I'm working out of course every single day except the weekends. So I'm gonna show you my stomach, let you guys have a look, as you can see there is still a bit of bloat, I think that is gonna go away, once we go back. But the probiotics are 100% working. I do notice that when I wake up in the morning, my stomach is flatter. Aaron actually took a probiotics as well after we went out for food, and he even noticed the change in his stomach, and that was just within 12 hours. So these are definitely working, but I just think that my lifestyle at the moment has sort of impacted that. But anyway, you can see for yourself, you can see what you are looking at. See what you think and yeah, I will of course keep you updated. And we'll do another check in at the three week point. Hey, guys, so we are approaching week three. No we are on week three now. So I'm back in Lisbon, I'm not away anymore which is so nice to just be back in your own apartment. And you know, have your own routine back, food, bed, I really actually missed being back here, it's so nice to be back now. So run into a slight dilemma, I have run out of probiotics. I just went to the pharmacy to go get some more and they've completely ran out. So we're on week three, we've had today with no probiotics, which is a pain in the bum, but hey ho, that's what it is. But basically, I'm feeling much better, I feel like my stomach's definitely getting better, I will show you guys. It's definitely flatter, it's waking up with a flat stomach, and I feel like when I eat I'm not bloating out as much, so these probiotics are really doing the trick which is amazing. Only slight issue I've faced today was, I had this food, I'll show you, it was from Igloo, I think. And it was frozen, it was like quinoa, pumpkin, broccoli, everything like done in one. So I could just get it out the freezer, make that with fresh vegetables and have that with my mackerel for lunch. But yeah, that gave me a bad stomach. Like I literally ate it and in about five minutes I was getting really really bad stomach cramps and I was beginning to bloat out again. So was like, I need my probiotics, but I ran out, and then they don't have it in the shop, which is super annoying. So what I'm trying to do is, I'm just going to have some yogurt in a minute. Gonna have

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