Day 30: Booty Burner 7 Mins (Home Workout Challenge)

guys if you've made it to day 30 of the 30-day challenge I cannot believe we are now on the final day for your final workout we are going to be doing eight booty burner so it's going to only be seven and a half minutes but trust me we're not stopping the entire time there's going to be exercises back to back 30 seconds per one so make sure that you bring your a-game and remember because today is the final day and make sure you take those pictures and be sure to send them to the email address in the description box below so we can see all of your transformations okay eisah to begin for the first move you were going to be on the floor and you're going to go into a lunge position and then you're going to kick right back as high as you can so that's lunge forward kick back lunge forward that great work so we're doing 30 seconds here per exercise [Music] great well guys keep that leg down all I want you to do is swing it to the left and to the right but with your like you want to make sure that it's still lifted so you're engaging that booty and make sure those toes are nice and sweet so keep swinging that keep that leg high guys don't drop it fabulous for the next foot guys all I want you to do is cross that leg behind the other and then you're gonna kick it up straight behind you in a diagonal so you're gonna cross it over and then you're gonna kick it up now make sure when you are kicking that leg up you really are lifting as high as you can again to engage that glute bustle [Music] right well guys let's just go into some strings there's fire hydrants here so you want to keep that leg in a 90 degree angle and you just want to lift it up to the side and bring it back down so bring it up and down [Music] thank you guys for the next thing you're gonna go into a fire hydrant but when you get to the top I want you to keep that leg out straight and bring it back down so it's gonna be lift into a fire hydrant kick out [Music] right what guys now I want you to bring that leg out to the side and I just want you to bring it up and down so keep those toes pointed legs straight and just lift it straight up and down [Music] excellent job guys Ursula next move it all you're going to do is bring that leg to one side and you're gonna kick it up in a rainbow and kick it to the other side so make sure with this movement guys your foot is flexed you're lifting that leg as high as possible and you're really making sure that you're drawing the rainbow with your foot [Music] it's the job guys let's take it straight on over to the other side so the first move is that lunge forward and then you want to kick it straight back so lunge kick it back [Music] keep that legs bare guys remember going into that leg swing so you just want to swing it back and forth that's it make sure that leg is staying high don't drop it excellent guys the next move is that cross that leg over and kick it up into a diagonal so remember you want to keep that foot flexed cross it over kick it up that's it make sure you're lifting as high as you can [Music] excellent guys next move is so spy hydrants lift that leg up bring it down [Music] the next exercise guys at that fire hydrant with that straight leg kick out so same move lift that leg up kick it straight and bring it back down you can feel it you got me feeling alright whenever I'm around you baby [Music] it's some job guys next moves is those straight leg lifts so straight out to the side and stick that leg up and down you want to lift as high as you can make sure you're really connecting there with your glute muscle up and down [Music] and then bring that like to the site guys and the final move for this bit is gonna be those rainbows lift it up down up down [Music] [Music] [Music] and the last exercise of the day guys is you're going to be doing some seated deadlifts so you're gonna come up onto your knees you're gonna lean forward engage the core and then really squeeze those glutes as you come up this is nice and controlled bent over squeeze and squeeze keep going not long left [Music] and that's it guys and well done so guys that is the end of dates that I hope you all really enjoyed the booty burn at workout if you did don't forget to hit that subscribe button also give me a big like and guys if you really wanted hearts those results and continue to see attracts emotion then don't forget to check out the tons of courses that I have in the description box below we also have a free press that you can do so you can find out the best diet and training program for you as well now I want to hear from you guys tell me what did you think of the 30 day challenge let me know in the comments below

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