5 min BARRE ARMS WORKOUT Challenge | Toned Arms | Light Dumbbells

how's it going everyone mikhail here with your five minute bar arms workout to tone and tighten through those arm muscles all you need is a light set of weights today i have three pound dumbbells with me but you can use anything from two pounds to five pounds now if you don't have dumbbells at home that's okay you can always find something in your house like water bottles or soup cans for example so grab your weights and let's get to it all right for our first move we have elbows bent at 90 degrees at shoulder height close open bicep curl here we go good and we have a slight bend through those knees and core is activated the whole time good really squeeze on that bicep curl creating resistance [Music] all right arms in front of you palms facing up alternating bicep curls good exhale inhale and make sure you don't drop those arms they are staying at shoulder height you got it push through all right asymmetrical arms you've got left arm pressing forward right arm pressing side with palms facing up the whole time we're pressing diagonally up good exhale inhale really drawing those elbows in and squeezing shoulder blades together here all right switch sides right arm pressing forward left arm pressing side good we're finding that resistance i always say it's like you're moving through clay or water really press so you think you were right all right feet hip width bend through those knees and leaning forward 45 degrees we've got row extend row and down exhale inhale exhale inhale good drawing those elbows back palms are facing in we're working those upper back muscles and into your triceps [Music] all right palms up you're pulsing nice keeping length through that spine and the neck that's even get those arms behind you as you pulse don't let them [Music] drop [Music] all right palms in towards one another we've got a wide fly bring those arms overhead back to the side and down exhale inhale exhale inhale you've got it [Music] and you want to slight bend through those elbows here you want them nice and supported through that wide fly especially all right facing forward palms in you've got open and close good steady breaths [Music] good elbows lifted no chicken wings [Music] all right we've got overhead and side nice [Music] good pull up tall shoulders away from ears keeping that posture here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right pulses with palm flip up and down this is your last move here keep those arms up really breathe through it we're doing a shoulder burn out to finish off this workout good keep breathing you've got a few seconds left and three two one and you did it awesome job you guys thank you for joining me in that five minute bar arms workout i hope you enjoyed it and if you did don't forget to subscribe to my channel like this video and follow me on my fit by make instagram account i will see you next time [Music] [Music] cry bye it

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