10 min Back & Arms Workout

Today's workout targets the back and arms and if you have either bra bulge concerns this is a great exercise to work that area as always you have a full daily schedule which you can find on my website and remember guys you are not alone in this you have a schedule I'll be giving you meal ideas, and I'll also be having live streaming sessions on Twitch this month. Do you have everything you need including this amazing community? Alright guys, let's get started We have 14 exercises today 40 seconds on and 5 seconds off. Let's start with the triceps dip. Start by sitting on a mat and when you lift yourself up make sure your arms are doing all the work. Make sure you do some warm up before you start this exercise Now flip over to a high plank and do some shoulder taps Make sure you don't sway too much from side to side. Keep your core active Now lie down on a mat and make some snow angels This was the last area which is the bra bulge area and also your back engages your core because this works your stomach as well stay where you are and we're going to go to the swimmers. You should feel the burn on your back and your core should be too Now get into a reverse plank position Plant your heels into the floor and keep your legs straight and do some shoulder taps This really works your back, arms and core. For low impact, just do it in a tabletop position Now flip over to a low plank, lift your butt up so your body makes an inverted V, then back down Remember to keep your core active and keep pushing guys It's time for some pushups and then rotate them and lift one up and do Same thing on the other side. For low impact just do it on your knees. We're about halfway through the workout guys. Not long to go now lie down on the mat and do some back extensions. Again, this works in the last area which is the bra bulge area as well as the entire back. Engage your core and your butt. This is a good exercise Now we get into a high plank position and do some diving bombers This is a great exercise for the back, arms and core. For low impact just do it on your knees and if you're feeling tired don't give up guys just do low impact or take a break and jump now lie on the floor with your arms spread like this and pulse up with your thumbs facing up I hope you burn your back and your back now it won't be long To go our guys board up and down. The next three exercises are easier so just work through this exercise Get on your knees as we do some pulses. Just focus on your breathing and it will be over soon. We're not taking any breaks here. We're going straight to the lower beats. Only one exercise to go you guys have this. In the final exercise of this workout, we do some arm circles. Just push guys. You've come this far don't give up Great job everyone. This is the end of the exercise you did very well Excellent button crush with your strong arms and leave a comment below on how it went and I will see you in the next exercise. Farewell

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