5 min GROW YOUR BOOTY WORKOUT // No Squats No Equipment

what's up everyone today I have a five minute grow your booty workout no equipment needed we have ten moves thirty seconds each with no bricks and I promise by the end of the workout you're gonna be feeling the burn in your glutes you can either do one round or two rounds if you want an extra challenge so let's get to it all right for our first exercise come on to hands and knees in tabletop extend left leg behind you we're gonna rainbow that leg up and over and hydrant crunch here we go squeeze and crunch good draw that belly button into the spine keeping your ribs in towards one another and avoid arching your back too much in this one here but nice big range of motion with that leg all right donkey pulses so you're driving up with that heel and pulsing your leg good I like to exhale with every pulse good really squeeze from under the glutes already feeling the burn and it hasn't even been a minute that's a good sign all right switch legs right leg extends we're gonna take it up and over and crunch good find lots of control in this movement here really focus on the top of the movement all right donkey kicks pulses here we go all right get that leg up push for the last few seconds of this move okay come onto your right side body and on to left elbow left leg extends we're gonna lift and lower good so we're really squeezing and working into the side of the glutes here ed working our glutes from all angles today okay flip around to the other side on to left elbow and right leg extends lift and lower good job see if we can get that like higher last few seconds all right to come onto your back here we're in a cross right ankle over the left side and we're gonna lift the hips on lower exhale inhale go to really press through that left heel squeeze the glutes focusing on the left side here good see if you can squeeze and hold at the top of the motion just for a split second all right switch sides left ankle crosses lift and lower exhale inhale so I'd really close up those ribs here [Music] awesome work two moves left after this all rights regular bridge pose we're gonna lift the hips step out out in in heel lift and heel lift good out out and in lift and left good moving at your own pace keeping those hips lifted and even as much as you can it's a bit of a challenge with the step outs but squeeze those glutes alright step those feet out a little bit further and pulse the hips up and up got my fear a bit narrower than hip width here please good this is your final push here really lift those hips for you seconds left get those hips up all right good job you guys you made it through the workout I hope you felt the burn in your glutes and don't forget to like this video subscribe to my channel and follow me on my Fit by Mick Instagram account see you next time [Music]

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