Abs & Booty Workout – No Equipment

Hey guys! Welcome to the 2022 Grow a Booty challenge. We're working our abs and booty today, and we don't need any equipment for today's workout. You can find the four week schedule on my website. Remember that you're not in this journey alone. Share your progress with the rest of the community, on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok with my hashtags, so we can support one another. Smash that thumbs up button for me, leave a comment down below, and share this channel| to your friends, and let's get into the workout. We have 21 exercises in today's ab and booty workout. 30 to 60 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds of rest in-between. We're starting with ab exercises first and we'll move on to work your glutes. Get on your mat and let's start the workout with plank with leg lift. While on the low plank, lift your left leg up and drop it back down slowly, while engaging your core. Repeat on the other leg and work that core of yours. Short 10 seconds rest now, flip around and reverse crunch is next. Lay flat on your mat, lift your hips off the mat upwards, then bring them down slowly. Make sure you're using your core to do the movement, and this is also working your lower abdominal. Go at your own pace, it's not about how many reps you can do, it's about doing it slow and steady and in good form and working your core. No rest here, we're going straight into bicycle crunches. Try to reach towards the opposite knee with your elbow. Engage that core and you should feel it in your obliques. Make sure you're not tensing your neck while you're doing this. Slow and steady and go at your own pace. Great job, guys! 10 seconds rest now and we've got plank with hip dips coming up. So flip around and get ready into a low plank. While in a low plank, twist your hips to the side, get as close to the mat as possible, then twist to the other side. Make sure you're wearing proper footwear while doing this. No rest here, we are going straight into plank taps. Get into a high plank and tap your leg off to the side one at a time. Your upper body should be holding you steady, and you should feel it in your core, too. Great job, guys! Rest up. Windshield wipers are next. While in a seated position, |lean back slightly. Lift your feet up and over. Remember to engage your core and keep your back straight. Take it nice and slow and feel the burn on your abs. Keep pushing through guys, you can do it! Five seconds rest now, and in and out is next. Similar to before, lean back slightly, keep your back straight, extend your legs, then bring them towards your chest and then back out again. Once again, it's not about speed or reps. Go at your own pace. Rest if you need to, but really work your core here. Nicely done, guys! 10 seconds rest now. Flip around and cross body climbers are next. Start in a high plank position, lift your knees one at a time, towards the opposite elbow. We got a couple more core focused exercises, and we'll be moving on to glute exercises. So don't give up guys! No rest here! Up and down plank is next. Start in a low plank, transition into a high plank and back down into the low plank and repeat. We're working both your upper body and core here. Make sure you're keeping your core tight and engaged. Focus on keeping your form. 10 seconds rest! You're doing great so far, don't give up! Single leg glute bridge crunch is next. While laying flat on your back, have your right foot on your mat and your left leg extended. Lift your hips up then crunch, and have your right elbow reach towards your left knee. Then bring it back out and repeat. This is a great exercise that should fire up both your core and your glutes. Short five seconds rest and we're gonna work on the other side. Make sure your core and glutes are tight and engaged here, and focus on your form. Great job, everyone! Now rest up and reverse plank is next. Lift yourself off the mat like-so. Make sure your core is tight and your body is in a straight line, and your butt isn't drooping down to the mat. We're holding this position for 30 seconds. We're almost at the halfway mark, this is the last core focused exercise! No rest here, guys! We are going straight into glute bridges. Have your feet on the mat and place your arms on the side. now lift your hips up, squeezing and engaging your glutes as you lift, and releasing them as you come back down, and repeat. We are doing a minute of glute bridges. Keep pushing through! Go at your own pace. Just don't give up and have that mind-muscle connection, focusing on your glutes. Great job, everyone! 10 seconds rest now! Flip around on all fours and we've got rainbows coming up. Start with your left leg extended over to your right, then lift your feet up and over drawing a rainbow, and focus and engage your left glute. Short five seconds rest now and we'll work on the other side. Just another five minutes or so left to go guys. You got this! Rest up! Hydrant variation is next! While on all fours, have your knees bent, then lift your left leg off to the side, and then extend your leg kicking it out and then bring it all back in. Feel that burn in your glutes guys. Keep going! Short five seconds rest now, and we'll work on the other side. Great job, guys! You are doing well. 10 seconds rest now and we've got kickbacks. Extend out your left leg, feet touching your mat. then kick your leg upwards and pulse once. Working your left glute muscle. Five seconds rest now, and we'll swap over to the other leg. We're repeating the same thing on the right glute. Just two more exercises to go guys. You got this. Well done! 10 seconds rest now, flip around and lay on your mat, and we've got frog pumps next. Have your fee placed together, now lift your hips up using your glutes. Have that mind- muscle connection, fire up and engage those glutes. Final 10 seconds rest now. Lay flat on your mat, and we're finishing off the workout with flutters. While you are on your belly, core and glutes engaged, lift your feet up slightly apart, and flutter them up and down, one at a time. Do not lift it up too high, as you don't want to hyper extend your back too much. You don't want to hurt your lower back, but remember to engage your glutes. And let's finish off the workout, guys. And that's the workout, guys! Good job on completing this workout! Make sure you smash that like button for me, drop me a comment and share this workout with your friends, and good luck for the rest of the program schedule and I'll see you guys soon. Bye!

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