XHIT Medicine Ball Exercises

hey guys welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee and today's workout we're going to start with a medicine ball so go ahead and grab one we're going to start right here squat position and we're going to squat and bring it up just like this does that work for you guys let's go for 30 seconds let's do it all the way up exhale as you come up it's when we're exerting the most energy nice tight core in the front keep going shoulders should be burning keep it up that press all the way up imaginary ceiling couple more and call it good okay for the next exercise move the shoulders around loosen them up all right next exercise with that medicine ball squ squat position use that raise to activate those delts in the front Okay let's go for 30 seconds ready make it happen let's go shoulders should start to burn mind and muscle connection front of your shoulders those front delts that's what we're activating nice and relaxed through the neck keep going exhale on the way up good work guys keep going almost there call it good nice work guys all right this next exercise still using our medicine ball we're going through this motion for 20 seconds on each side just like this if the medicine ball is too heavy go ahead and take a break with that at least go through the motion okay so you can start getting that mind and muscle connection going so grab your ball and start here 20 seconds let's go keep breathing good job all the way up couple more seconds and call it good perfect take a little break move those arms around just like this okay next side 20 seconds you guys ready start here and all the way up should burn activating that core too good work almost done couple more you got it and last one perfect take a break nice work guys okay next exercise we're doing is a paa squat so nice wide stance toes are out okay so Squat and up with the calf raise so squat up with a calf raise okay let's go for 30 seconds and let's make it happen all the way up there you go keep going there you go use those calves get on those toes keep it up all the way up on those calves use those toes you got it and a couple more and three two last one take a break perfect good work nice work guys we're going to do a couple more exercises to hit our core and our abs so make some space okay we're going to get into a bridge position it's going to look like this so we're going to do a bridge with some leg raises so Bridge position just like this and one leg up and switch just like that you guys ready let's go for 30 seconds okay really bring those legs up you want to be able to feel a little bit of a stretch in your hamstrings as you come up if you want to activate your calf you can see on your toes all the way through keep going couple more guys really pull up those legs Four 3 two last one perfect take a break we're going to do scissor kicks so cross over just like this go ahead and join in 30 seconds let's go keep going don't bring those legs too far up again you can put your hands under your hips if that helps if your lower lumbars coming up take a break keep going couple more seconds Point those toes good job guys and three two and one take a little rest perfect next exercise we're doing plank so we really want to push in on this last one guys make sure you're holding that and activating your core so plank position just like this join in no butts in the air no sinking ships you guys know how to do this let's go if you start to feel like you're giving up you probably got about 10 more seconds in you and if it helps Rock side de side help alleviate the pressure but keep going okay keep it up keep it up keep it up and take a break perfect thank you guys so much for working out with me today on exit remember I'm Kelsey Lee leave a video comment if you have any questions and make sure you also subscribe you can also follow me on Twitter at Kelsey le.com see you next time

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