5 min COOL DOWN STRETCH ROUTINE | After Workout | Muscle Recovery

what's up everyone we're about to do a five minute cool down slash stretch routine you can do this class on its own or after one of my workouts to get that heart rate back down and stretch out through your muscles so grab your mat and let's get to it [Music] alright let's get started standing take your right arm across the body use your other arm to draw that arm in towards you if you have just done a workout then join me in a step together as we gradually get that heart rate back down good deep and steady breaths as we stretch out the back of the shoulder here good really pulling that arm in until you feel the stretch good switching arms left arm across good take an inhale and exhale release grabbing the right ankle into a quad stretch if you do need to use a wall or a chair to help with balance then you can if not reaching the other arm forward knees together squeeze to those glutes and pulling up tall in our quad stretch good take an inhale and exhale switching sides grabbing the left ankle this time reaching forward pull up tall good really drawing this heel in towards you slight tuck under with those hips so you really feel it in the front here [Music] good take an inhale and exhale face front step those feet out nice and wide clasp the hands behind you you're going to inhale open the chest and exhale fold forward good draw those arms away from you here just let that head full stretching out through the hamstrings good steady breath take an inhale and exhale release those hands you're going to turn to your right right foot forward into a low lunge as we scooch that back leg behind us drop the knee untuck the toes go you're going to pull up tall here push the belly away from that front thigh and sink through the hips good deep inhale and exhale plant the hands on the inside of your leg tuck the back toes you're going to step together then step left foot forward find that low lunge good make sure your front heel is underneath the front knee you need to scooch it forward to get into that position then you can good really sink through those hips [Music] inhale and exhale come on to your back good figure for a stretch crossing right ankle over the left thigh draw this knee away from you to intensify let's thread the right hand through the hole here and clasp behind your left thigh good feel a stretch through the glutes gonna draw this knee away as you draw the rest of your leg forward or towards you i should say good inhale and exhale switch legs left ankle crosses over the right thigh this time and choose your variation here i have my hands clasped behind my right thigh [Music] good breathe it out [Music] inhale good exhale arms out into a t position let's draw those knees up and let them fall to the right gaze comes to the left and find a twist [Music] gotta draw the back of the shoulders down into the floor [Music] good take an inhale and exhale back to center good and let those fall legs fall to the left [Music] nice gazing to the right here reaching through those fingertips finishing off our stretch good take an inhale deep exhale knees back to the center give them a big squeeze good and rock up and you are done awesome job you guys i hope you enjoyed it let's smash that like button and subscribe to my channel and comment below let me know what workouts you want to see next i'll see you guys next time bye [Music]

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