Day 4 -The BEST lower abs workout – Under 10 mins

and welcome to day four of the challenge where we are focusing predominantly on the lower abs i know this is a huge problem for so many of us and trust me it's something i struggled with post partum but i've managed to get the strength back and i've managed to get rid of the little bit of the mumtang that i had left at the bottom there which i will show you guys so super happy with the progress that i made i'm going to show you the best exercises that i was doing to help get rid of that area so i hope you guys enjoy let's just get right to it [Music] hi and welcome to day four so today we are doing a lower ab workout burner so to begin we are doing 20 reps mountain climbers so let's bring their knees in towards the chest bring it in down in down that's it move those legs keep that core nice and contracted flat back and then switch straight on into ball crunches on the floor so with ball crunches you want to bring that knees in towards the chest crunch up as those knees come in and then lower down so 20 of these in total up and down up and down keep the core contracted bring those knees as close as you can [Music] well done guys let's move into the next move which is a bit of a challenge but we're going to be doing a russian twist with four flutter kicks so up down move those legs push up down move those legs so we are doing 20 of these in total the key with this is to make sure that you're really tensing those lower abs to push that pelvis up and then moving those legs back and forth again to target those lower abs keep your head on the floor but if you do want an extra challenge you're welcome to bring that head off of the floor when you're doing the flutter kicks keep everything nice and tight and if for a modification the flutter kicks are too much you can just do a simple reverse crunch that's it i know 20 reps of these you are going to be feeling the burn but trust me it's worth it so keep going keep pushing through you've got this this is the only workout of the day for this challenge [Music] all right guys let's go straight up into high knees a bit more of a cardio but again targeting those abs so straight up and i just want you to run lifting those knees up 20 high kicks that's it come on bring those knees up use those abs jump jump jump 20 knees nice and simple next move is squat and then you're just going to bring that knee up to meet the opposite elbow nice and simple squat down up knee in squat down knee in excellent again make sure that core is engaged make sure to really twist that body as you bring that elbow to meet the knee exhale as you do so squat down squeeze the glute [Music] that's it you've got this 20 of these simple [Music] [Music] excellent guys all right let's repeat that one more time so back to mountain climbers [Music] i lose my weight and i freeze i wish [Music] you know exactly what it means [Music] find it so hard to breathe cause when you get too close i lose my weight and i freeze i wish [Music] just get me out of here [Music] i lose [Music] but now it's so hard to breathe [Music] [Music] what you're trying to prove [Music] [Music] yeah is [Music] so guys that was the end of the best lower ab exercises i hope you all enjoyed this if you did don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my youtube channel and guys if you want to find the best program for your body type specifically targeting those bad areas that you really want to focus on then don't forget to check out the pink dragon free quotes that i have in the description box below for you but that's it from me i will see you tomorrow for another fun workout i hope you guys are ready [Music]

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