Neck Mobility Exercises

hey guys dr christy ennis welcome to follow me friday today we have a neck mobility routine for you just be aware also that there's some arm movement that goes with it because neck also attaches down into here if the arm movements bother you at all please just take them out and if you like this information today please subscribe so let's get started we are going to turn those palms up look right up to the ceiling squeeze those shoulder blades together and then drop that chin down bring those arms back turn those palms we're gonna get five so here is two each position we want it's okay if your chin does not go all the way to your chest it's okay if you do not look all the way up to the ceiling you want to go with your comfort level here okay this is supposed to feel good remember one more in each direction yay good okay next one you're gonna bring that left hand behind the back tilt that head to the right and then switch i'll show you from behind that's two three again squeezing into that shoulder blade four five six little dance seven eight nice and slow and controlled nine one more is ten and ten good now you're going to take that palm rotate it up bring it out a little bit bring that palm back and then you're gonna turn that head to the right and we're gonna alternate there ooh one side on me definitely is tighter than the other there's four again remember take out any part that doesn't feel good five six seven there goes my wrist making noise two eight nine i'm trying not to get the rest of me involved there and ten good next one is sniffing the armpit you're going to add both of those motions you're going to bend and then you're going to turn and look down towards that armpit we're adding that arm up squeezing that shoulder blade down right and then switching sides bend tilt lift that arm don't shrug that shoulder though that's important this one a lot of times you might want to start with just the neck motion and not the arm motion but there's four this honestly is one of my favorites five six seven and it doesn't matter which part you do first as far as the arm or the neck goes that was eight you do want to try to bend and then turn first though excuse me turn second and that's ten good one more motion one i'm gonna turn to the side we're gonna bring that chin straight back not our whole body just that chin there's two just to your comfort level three four and five and now that we're a little bit more mobile we're going to end with two stretches so you're gonna cross those hands right over the collar bones i'm gonna kind of press down hopefully not onto my microphone there press an anchor down and then look up and breathe three breaths or so here's two and one more good i'm going to turn to the side for this last one hands are going to come behind the back of the head where those two little bumps in the back are clasp those fingers i'm going to just give a gentle pressure to that head as my elbows come towards one another try not to let the whole spine round but now we're getting into that upper back a little bit too again three breaths there's two one more awesome you should feel nice and relaxed thanks so much guys

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