5 min BOOTY BAND WORKOUT | Quick Glute Activation Routine

what's up everyone we're about to do a five minute booty band workout you can do this one on its own or as a glute activation before one of my longer leg workouts let's get to our workout all right wrap the booty band around your legs come on to all fours we have kick back with the right leg exhale extend inhale bend it in here we go we have 30 seconds per move here zero breaks so we're moving quickly and making the most of the five minutes that we have [Music] all right same thing but keep that leg bent hold for three two one bring it in [Music] all right take it side decon take it back [Music] dreamers [Music] all right left leg this time lift and extend bending it in exhale inhale nice and controlled [Music] [Music] keep that leg bent we have pulled three two one bring it in [Music] good pulling those ribs in avoiding too much arching through the back really focus on working the glutes to help lift that leg up behind you [Music] all right take it inside take it back this one really burns so use your breath push through the movement [Music] i around feet a bit wider than hip width slightly turned out you're going to lift and down exhale inhale and make sure those knees are drawing out to the side here putting pressure on the booty band good activate the glutes gentle lower [Music] okay come on to your back feet are parallel and hip width you're going to lift open close lower lift open back to neutral good [Music] okay hold those hips up you're going to open the knees then back over the heels open and close you've got it second to last move good really close up and drop those ribs push through those heels to lift the glutes up [Music] all right 30 seconds you're just gonna hold it good make sure those knees are not caving in they're still pressing out on the booty band here good squeeze hold and breathe you're almost there [Music] 10 seconds [Music] all right amazing work you guys give those knees a little hug amazing job team if you felt the burn in that one then hit the like button and subscribe to my channel also if you're curious about my outfit it's from women's best from their renew collection i will leave my affiliate link in the description box down below as well as a 20 off coupon code it's fit by mc20 if you use my link then i really really appreciate it and i'll see you guys in the next one [Music] you

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