Get Small Waist/ Flat Belly in 2 WEEKS ! 15min STANDING ABS Workout, No Jump, Beginner Friendly

Hello everyone this is how I was last time I saw you guys I had a big belly bump and a lot of fat because I just gave birth to my third child after my body healed from the situation 100 days after giving birth I started exercising especially for my waist and stomach this is what I look like now what What do you all think of the result? If you think it is good, write 1 in the comments If not, write 2 I am completely satisfied with the result, so I am here today to share with you the effective exercises that helped me slim my waist and stomach. This group of exercises can be performed in a standing position and without jumping, and if you practice them once or Twice a day and following a reasonable diet, you will see results in 7 days. Disclaimer: Mothers must obtain a doctor's permission and pass a medical examination before exercising. You will have to restore the pelvic and rectal muscles before exercising. Pregnant women should not do this exercise alone. Well, let's get started! Let's start with the warm-up exercises. Interlace the fingers and extend the arms straight while rotating the body. We direct the foot back. We return the foot when bringing the arms back. Try to keep your arms as straight as possible. You should feel the strength in the waist as you do this. Pay attention to breathing during the exercise. Exhale when the exercise is strong and breathe through. The nose when relaxing Okay, then let's do a side bend, one step to the side and extend the other hand outward. We try to stretch as far as possible. You should feel the stretch and strength in the waist when you bend to the side. Do your hands touch the skin around your waist? This is normal even skinny people can feel it when doing this position so don't worry too much Okay, let's do the next movement, raise the knee. Notice that you need to use your abdominal muscles to raise your legs and touch the opposite elbow. Try to raise your legs as high as possible while keeping your toes pointed. Exhale while forcefully exercising. Tighten your abdomen during this process. Relax your abdomen and inhale as you lower your legs. Remember to keep your toes pointed. Do not underestimate this detail because it can greatly improve the efficiency of burning fat. You can also try to feel the difference between keeping your toes pointed and relaxing during the exercise. Well The next movement is to raise the leg. We kick the leg as high as possible, while exhaling while kicking. The waist and abdomen merge in the movement to raise your leg higher. The belly of your standing leg must also be strongly involved in the movement to maintain balance. Keep the upper part of your body neutral when kicking to the side. Don't deviate too much from the center line of your body. Okay, let's take a break. Let's move to the other side and do the same movement. Remember to keep your toes pointed when kicking. Also pay attention to core strength. The core includes the waist, abdomen, hips, and pelvic floor muscles. Pay attention to your breathing. Inhale when raising the leg and exhale when lowering them. You are all doing a great job keep it up! Okay, next is clapping with a knee raise. Remember to keep your toes pointed when you raise your legs. Try to raise your legs as high as possible. Lift your thighs to your stomach while clapping. Notice that your knees should be pointing outward, not toward the front of your body. Also, pay attention to your breathing when you raise your legs. Exhale and tighten the abdomen When you lower your legs, inhale and relax your abdomen Our feet should be bouncy so we can lose the size of eight better Okay, let's take a break Next, let's raise the leg to the side The knee of the supporting leg should be slightly bent and the abdomen should be pulled with force Lift the leg to The side is as high as possible, then lower it slowly. During this movement, the leg should remain tight. The toes should touch the ground slightly or not. Notice that the upper body should remain in the middle. Do not lean too much to one side. This movement may seem simple. But it is actually very tiring as it requires us to use the buttocks, legs, obliques and abdomen. The exercises that tire us are often the most effective so everyone should perform the exercises correctly. Keep going! Okay, let's take a break. Switch to the other side and do the same thing. Raise your foot as high as you can while engaging your core, standing leg and foot to maintain balance. The higher you raise your leg, the more balanced your body will become and the more tired you will feel. The same exercise will have different results for different people. One of the reasons is Whether you are doing the exercise correctly or not So, let's keep doing effective exercises, keep it up everyone! Well, let's take a break, and move on to the next exercise. Extending the arms and bending to the side. The hand that is close to the ground carries the force on it. We note that the head, hips and feet should be in the same direction. The upper body should not lean forward, but rather to the side. Do not make the movement. Too quickly, especially when the head is moving too. The movement should be slower. Otherwise, you will get dizzy easily. Okay, let's move to the other side. The upper and lower body are at the same level. Do not push your shoulders forward. Feel the strength in your waist. Pay attention to your breathing when you exert force in the exercise. Exhale. Tighten your abdomen, especially the stomach area. Inhale when returning to the original position Okay, let's take a break. The next movement is abdominal exercises while standing. We touch the opposite elbow first and then touch the same side. Force must be exerted in the exercise for both the waist, abdomen, and the standing leg and foot to maintain the stability of the body. Exhale when exerting force. Inhale when Return to the original position Okay, let's take a break. Move to the other side and do the same movement. Notice that the knee should be raised as high as possible. Try to let your thigh touch the abdomen. The toes should also be pointed. Pay attention to your breathing. We exhale when raising the leg, and inhale when lowering the leg. This can be Movement is very tiring

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