5-min Everyday Makeup! Sweat Proof for Workouts

[Music] life goes by fast let's slow down we got older where did it go [Music] [Music] morning guys welcome to stay fit and travel with Amy today's video it's a little bit of friend from the other ones I hope that you still like it we're going to be showing you my morning routine my skincare my super super simple daily makeup that I wear for work workout or any occasions basically because I'm super super lazy which takes around like three to five minutes but before we start on the makeup first thing I do in the morning is to brush my teeth I normally use teeth whitening toothpaste but I don't have one Brenda I sticks here so the one in this video is from carbon cocoa after I brush my teeth I would wash my face with cleansing foam gel I will link all the products I use in the description box below my skin type is combination so my face is oily around the t-zone which is my forehead and nose and then for the rest of my face has dry so I need products that can give me the right balance after face wash out go straight in the face pain and that's it for my skincare it's pretty simple because I'm always in a rush in the morning and I'm quite lazy so this will do this routine has actually worked really well for me because I used to have a lot of pimples when I was a teenager I even had to see a skin doctor and I took medications for a year but at least my skin is ok most of their time now before I put on my makeup on some days for example when I need to film a video I will put on my brown contact lens because they do make a difference to make my eyes a bit bigger I know that they're not the best for my eye so most of the days when I just go to work and work out I would just wear my glasses so here is my makeup bag but everyday makeup take around 3 to 5 minutes so first I'll put this face it also has UV in it the thing that I love about it is that I told you that I have a combination skin so this helped me keep the oil balance on my face just a little disclaimer here I'm not an expert when it comes to makeup so this is not a tutorial I just want to share with you my everyday makeup routine that I do for almost all locations and even though it's very simple and basic the best thing is that it stays the same throughout all my sweaty workouts [Music] and I argue support professional from benefit this is a lifesaver before I found this product my nose would look really Ollie during the day but now because of it it just looks okay it fills up all the big pores on my nose and now I'll move on to a concealer to hide my eye back a little bit and that's it for the face I don't normally put any foundation because I don't really like the feelings of having a layer kicked on my face throughout the day and I also feel like it's bad for my skin especially when I sweat during my workout and then I do eyeliner for me this is a must do in this routine because it makes my eyes look a lot more awake this eyeliner from Mac is very easy to use and super waterproof some of you asked on that Instagram story why my makeup always looks okay even after a workout it's because this I know I can get you through anything I've done all kind of watersports dieting serving with this eyeliner and my makeup with jewelry stays the same so some of you know that I already done my classic too so I didn't really need to spend a lot of time drawing my brows it's just a bit here and there and that's for my everyday makeup to work to workout to go out anything okay but for super super super special occasion I would do a little bit more and that is putting a tiny bit of powder foundation on my nose because these areas will look a bit red sometimes so this helped cover it a bit for me the feeling of having powder foundation is still a little bit better than liquid foundation and then I would put some blush on as well it's Brooke I've had all these products for years and then some bronzers so my face doesn't look as hell I don't really know much about contouring so for me this is head I also don't have any mascara I've tried it before I didn't really like it so I would just use this I guess I just haven't found a really good mascara that makes much of a difference to my eyes and that's it my everyday makeup oh and lipstick so I use this moisturizing lip balm from Len H it is so awesome because my lips would get really dry and every time I go I buy like 10 of these I also put this lip balm every night before I go to sleep my lips used to be super dry when I was in high school someone told me I was the most non kissable person in class because of my dry lips and so I've always been very conscious about my lips and this lip balm life-changing for me I normally don't put any colors but for photos or for swimming you to now put a bit off the pink lipstick that's it for my makeup routine hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe comment and share see you guys next week [Music] – 5-min Everyday Makeup! Sweat Proof for Workouts

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