5 min INNER THIGH WORKOUT | Toned Slim Thighs | No Squats

how's it going everyone mikhail here with your five minute inner thigh workout for slim toned thighs we'll do 10 movements for 30 seconds each with no breaks so grab a soft surface to work out on and let's get toning all right for our first move come on to right elbow and extend the right leg here you're just going to lift and lower here we go exhale inhale good lengthening through the whole body here and making sure our body stays facing forward avoid dropping this hip behind you here keep that engagement good exhale inhale lift that leg higher you got it all right we're going to tap the ankle extend that leg so our leg is turned out here and if you can't tap all the way to the ankle that's okay just reach in that direction and do this motion good keep that leg lifted off the ground exhale inhale nice all right extend it forward then top the toe if you want to lift this other heel up you can good and again we're keeping that leg lifted off the ground here extending it forward and tap gonna keep that inner thigh engagement keep it lifted [Music] nice shoulders away from the ears here [Music] all right top leg goes in front let's pulse that leg here pulse it up and up good or really squeeze lift it higher [Music] good keep breathing a few seconds left of this one then we'll flip around to the other side all right quickly flip around onto a left elbow and extend that left leg here lift and lower all right squeeze and lift [Music] good can you lift that leg up even more [Music] good really squeeze and hold at the top of the movement good activating those inner thighs [Music] all right let's tap the ankle and extend exhale inhale good leg stays lifted [Music] continue lengthening through that upper body as well and out the top of the head [Music] all right let's extend forward then tap the ankle and again optional optional heel lift here keep that leg off the ground don't let it rest as you bring it forward [Music] all right other leg comes in front and let's pulse up and up [Music] good this is kind of a really small movement here but really squeeze and resist see if you can get that leg a little bit higher i know it's hard for this one but really push got a few seconds three two and one all right let's come on to our back feet together knees are bent heels lifted we've got up and down good making sure those feet are under the knees as we lift and lower let's squeeze those inner thighs together squeeze good feet and legs are together nice guys squeeze from under the booty at the top get an extra booty burn for this one while we're working those inner thighs good heels down flip the hips we've got open and close this is your last move here so keep those hips up really squeeze your inner legs to draw them in together good knit those ribs in keep breathing almost there squeeze you're so close all right you did it awesome job you guys i hope you felt the burn in those inner thighs and don't forget to stretch it out after this if you enjoy this workout then remember to subscribe like and follow me on my fit by mick instagram account i will see you in our next workout bye

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