[VLOG] Full Day of Cheat Meals! Eat cheat meals all day long! Amazing amounts of food.

so recently emily and i have been very stressed with work and udon things and just admin stuff today i thought it'd be nice to take emily on a full day eating cheat meal adventure no she's not excited and since we have udon we have always been like the three of us today udon is going to my friend's place to have a play date it's a rare yeah guy and i'm super hungry we have not eaten anything today weekend is normally for our delicious yummy cheap meal because we don't want to waste our quota so we always go to like the yummiest places yeah and at the same time because she loves obviously to take photos and take videos and stuff like that all these different places that we're going they have quite sort of distinct themes and they're quite different in sort of like color scheme and stuff so i told her to bring along different outfits different color scheme outfits so that she can take some pretty photos there at the same time why certainly so sweet what do you want what do you want from me i cannot say it on camera okay okay yeah so we've just come out of the mtr station in wan chai can you guess where we're going okay this is one of my favorite places for spicy food one michelin star very good diet um second floor [Music] okay um um look at this red dragon it has a little bit of white rum and some raspberry and some coconut water and pineapple wow i mean wow um we just walk a bit down from where she was there's another lift lobby which will take us to so aside from the lift you could also take the stairs up to um which is quite pretty i think yeah [Music] [Laughter] so i ordered these delicious sexy drinks for my wife it's called up to you passion fruit with vodka and this one is called tiny apples which is a bucket of mojito with added chili and passion [Laughter] is yes foreign um i'll give you guys some tips for any of those who are married out there the key to a happy life with a happy wife so how do you make a wife happy make sure her tummy is full of yummy food at all times am i an angry person when i'm hungry yes she becomes angry hungry angry and then you give her a little bit to eat and then she becomes my little donkey that's the restaurant being nice so i asked her to change into the next outfit and we're gonna go to the balcony of the pond just have a quick romantic drink before our next dinner because it's really pretty the balcony i really like it let's go yeah i'm all relaxing a little bit [Music] thank you can get my reward later [Music] beautiful i uh i bought many different ones i think so so now we're at our final stop on our eating adventure today and i thought we'd end it with one of the favorite cuisines we're going to be going to crust which is the new italian restaurant and they're very famous for their pastry i think the whole feel is very naples where we've been before all the food is very neapolitan yeah so i think that you know the feel inside is really cute it would be nice to end it sort of taking you to go see little italy [Music] marinated in a cherry sauce which is raw it's very nice our favorite and this is a layer i don't even know how to pronounce it this is the traditional um italian burrito spritz just a very um traditional italian drink in the south of uh italy that you usually drink before eating meals personal don't you buy italian gelato the ice cream [Music] um [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] wow so we've come to the end of our food adventure today did you enjoy yourself yes you had a good time for homemade yes can i get my reward tonight everywhere i'll i'll let you know later so it come no problem see you next time guys [Music] – [VLOG] Full Day of Cheat Meals! 一整天狂吃欺騙餐! 驚人食量吃不停?! ~ Emi & Chad

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