5 min INTENSE ABS WORKOUT | Wrist Friendly | At Home

what's up everyone welcome back to my channel we're about to do a quick five minute intense up workout to really skull through those core muscles today's routine is wrist friendly which means no high planks but we will be doing a few exercises just on our elbows each movement is 30 seconds each with no breaks so we're going to power through with 10 moves total so grab your mat and get ready to feel the burn all right let's get started down on our backs with bicycles elbows are nice and wide get those shoulders off the ground we're going to switch and switch here we go if you want to modify this movement or any of the movements in today's routine you can always just keep both legs bent good really lift twist through those shoulders nice and controlled [Music] bicycle legs double crunch one two switch one two good really reach [Music] [Applause] so all right hands behind the head we have crunch twist right crunch back down keep on going to the right side then after this we'll switch to the left [Music] oh [Music] switch left [Music] god really lift those shoulders off the ground here [Music] all right take those legs extend it out into a v we have cross crunch reaching opposite leg to arm we're alternating sides good now pretend like there is a magnet between your low back and the floor you want to draw those two together good control on the way down [Music] same thing but sit-ups to modify just stick with the crunch version that we just did this one is tough good lengthen through your back [Music] come on to your left elbow extend your legs reach overhead you're going to tap and lower to modify just bend in and extend good shoulders away from the ears here lengthen the neck [Music] [Music] switching sides come on to your right elbow [Music] [Music] good really working into the side core nice reach with the toes and fingertips [Music] all right come up right here tap those toes let's plant the hands together reach overhead then twist to one side twist to the other side [Music] good it's like you're slicing through the air here really twist through the shoulders [Music] all right half sit-ups you're going to lower part way then come on up inhale [Music] exhale [Applause] good you're almost done [Music] oh you did it guys all right if you guys enjoyed that workout then let me know in the comments down below smash the like button and subscribe to my channel for more workouts to come today's video is sponsored by women's best i am wearing their brand new renew collection color called dried yellow they are also coming out with a new color called specific blue it is a really nice gray blue color this fabric is a little bit thicker than i would say the power line it has some really nice detailing across the front and down the leggings this bra comes up a little bit higher than the power collection as well so it's a bit more coverage and the leggings aren't quite as high waisted still high-waisted but just not as much i really like this one the color is so vibrant so check it out using my affiliate link down below they also just launched these brand new energy drinks they come in peach mango raspberry grape orange slushie the flavors are delicious i don't normally like energy drinks or pop or anything like that but these actually taste amazing and gives you such a great energy boost it has 200 milligrams of caffeine no other stimulants is just caffeine and it has a lot of other vitamins and electrolytes added into it zero sugar only five to ten calories and 100 natural colors and flavors so i love these these are great for a pre-workout or just to pick me up throughout the day so check them out using my affiliate link down below it really helps me out and i hope you guys have a fabulous day i'll see you in the next one bye [Music] you

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