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THIS IS EMI WONG SO TODAY WE WILL START LOWER 15 DAYS ABSOMS AND BURNING BELLY FAT WHICH IS THE BASIS OF ABSOLUTE WORKOUT I PROMISE YOU IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK YOU WILL SEE CLEAR RESULTS BY THE END OF THIS PROGRAM YOU CAN FIND ALL THE VIDEOS IN THESE 15 DAYS AND THE DESCRIPTION BOX BELOW AND YOU WILL BE THERE Also new videos coming your way on days 4 and 9, will target intense belly fat burning and slimming your waist Remember to subscribe and turn on the notification button so you won't miss any of these new videos Share your progress and transformation on instagram tik-tok facebook and #AmyTransform so we can From supporting and motivating each other on the first day of the lower abdominal muscles and the inner core 15 exercises 30 seconds each 10 seconds rest The first exercise is bend over and punch Hold the lower abdomen and core tightly as you lower your body and gently punch the floor with your fists Do not sit all the way back Go up a little while you're still feeling tense and nervous. The lower your molecules go, the more you burn. You get 10 seconds to challenge yourself. Rest for 10 seconds. It's like expanding your forearms on the floor Support your upper torso off the floor Extend your legs straight down to just a few inches off the floor Again, the more you widen your legs the more the burn you feel in your lower muscles Walk up and down Exercise your abs to lift your legs up And down and also your upper body alternate between a tight V and a YV This is a difficult move, but your body is stronger than you think All you have to do is just try Practice makes perfect You will be surprised at how much progress you can make if you can keep working consistently Push for the latter The red few Yes, the fourth is the circle lake Practice drawing a big circle with your legs while holding your lower abdomen and abdomen tight When you bring your legs down the straighter the goal, the more it works to lower your abdominal muscles Three Two One Key Fits Mountain Climber in a full circle Get Your hands are high under your shoulders. Contract your lower abdomen to bring one knee toward your elbow to draw a circle as large as possible and extend it back again while keeping it off the floor. Switch to Yes Stick. It's the opposite of a crunch and a pause. Exercise on the floor. Knead your lower abs to lift your hip up into a pause. Here for a second or two while squeezing your butt by slowly lowering your hips back to the floor doing amazing work so far focus on working your abs to really feel the burn on each rep yes, Stefan full leg drop hollow it's hard but very effective practice raising the arms up shoulders away Off the floor, tighten your abs and press your back into the floor while lowering your legs The goal here is to get your lick as low as possible while keeping your back as flat on the floor as possible Eight back to the franchise and punch exercise We're more than halfway there giving it 100% and we pushed harder than The first round you can see that every movement is minimal. The key here is to keep your abs curled and tight and your abs lowered for each rep. Gentle is the licking accessory. Do the exercises slowly and the impulse control doesn't activate the burn and let it do the work for another ten seconds. Laugh you're killing it Yes, click lick the food up and down the exercise We did 2/3 of this exercise The last end is already strong Focus on the burn That's what we're here for Elephant Circle Licking Exercise Do you wipe closer to the floor in each circle? Remember your goal? You're the only one who can make it happen and stay determined Three Two Key One Toth is a mountain climber's circle The practice of drawing a bigger circle with your knee Bringing it as close as possible to your elbow Just like anything else in life, the more effort you put in the more you want to achieve Results You see three keys two Watch the burn at all different angles from your butt during each circuit. Hold your core to maintain your balance. Yes, 13 is a reverse crunch and the volume of the pacer is less than two minutes before. Be patient yeah, four full leg hollow teeth for the workout This is one of the hardest moves, but you get your best friend in your lower abs I do this at least four times a week, so don't worry if you can't do it perfectly now You'll get better every day . Keep trying even if you have to stop in between ten seconds, give me a few reps The final exercise is all new via the leg drop Exercise with your lower abs to lift your legs up so they're in a V shape and then extend your lower leg and lower it each time while holding your core tight to lower Your torso too This is another model I know but trust me the more challenging the more we push our bodies to improve and make progress the last ten seconds of this out push it all the way to the end and we're done I hope you enjoyed the lower abdominal burn that stretches your belly don't worry, If some moves feel difficult right now, they will get easier as your body gets stronger day by day Subscribe and turn on the notification to stay tuned to see other new videos in this 15-day program. see you soon

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