Day 7: Indoor Walking (Home Workout Challenge)

so guys well done for completing an official week of the 30-day challenge I hope so far you are all really enjoying this challenge and you guys are also finding that you're feeling happy more energized and also more relaxed so for the day's wipeout we are doing one of my famous in dog walking routines so what you're going to be doing is walking for one minute and then a toning exercise for the other minute so it's going to be ten minutes in total now this routine is really good because it helps get those steps ups but it's also good because not only is it a cardio routine it but it's also a nice tiny protein so it make sure to get excited and let's jump straight into this okay guys welcome to your ten-minute walking routine so today we're going to be walking for one minute and then we're switching up into some toning moves so folks for you guys and let's go into a nice walk for one minute so let's go all you need to do is just walk at your own pace bring those legs up have fun with this move around the room the laughs March bring those legs as high as you want them to remember we're just getting those steps in while we are inside at home [Music] [Applause] that's it guys keep smiling keep moving those feet you want to move back and forth you want to go around to the circle do what feels good for you [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so let's go into our first toning guys this is going to be to post squat so you're gonna be in a wide squat position you're gonna come down post for two and then come back up make sure this you're going as low as possible pulsing so we burn out those thighs and we're squeezing the glutes as we come up excellent job guys one minute of these if the guys come on let's get lower that's it low post and squeeze Pope's pulse and squeeze and so drop guys back into that walking again you do what feels good for you and March March you want to do a little bit of a job that's absolutely fine we're just getting those steps in remember [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's the guys move those feet come on [Music] now let's go into the next Tony move which is going to be curtsy lunges so you're going to do is stay in a curtsy position facing me keep low and place that leg behind you hips front that's it guys down and up that's it this is gonna have to really burn out and tone those thighs as well as target those glutes this is a really good workout guys one of my favorite moves to actually do so behind and that's it keep nice and low even when you come up and you move over to the other leg I want you to make sure you're keeping that start slow [Music] [Music] let's go guys back into the walk-in let's pick up the pace a little bit more now because white not so let's move around the room a bit more let's go around a little circle [Music] because I hope you're having fun with this workout this is what it's all about while we're at home excellent let's go into the next move which is a Kozak's squat so we're going to be doing one leg to begin with so all I want you to do is come down for thirty Seconds make sure you keep that foot flexed as you go back almost into a side lunge that's it keeps that leg nice and straight the one that you're keeping the foot flexed okay guys other side now so go over keep that foot flexed remember [Music] make sure you up reading through these exercises keep going keep pushing left [Music] back to the rupees guys we've not got low of this so make sure you're really given it all for the next couple of minutes [Music] who here is how to get they have some workout for to hone I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge [Music] bring those legs up line up [Music] let's go into our next Tony move provides which is going to be standing side AB crunches so all I want you to do is bring that elbow down to meet your knee and you want to crunch as you breathe up so make sure you really feeling that crunch to the side of your abs put in 30 seconds per side [Music] other guys straight away so I'm up bring it to meet that need sure that you are exhaling as you bring that on down Smith and me in [Music] and you gotta get back into the [Music] [Applause] [Music] keep going guys make sure you're really moving those feet want to get those steps that remember this the last time you're doing the walking [Music] now if the final exercise guys come down onto needs all you're gonna do is bring your arms up pull them down to your side arms forward and pull them back so this is going to be working on your shoulders back and arms it's a nice little upper body workout here maybe do this for one minute so arms up pull down forward side that's it keep going not long there [Music] exodor guys that's the end of your workout so that's the end of your Wacka Wacka guys I hope you all loved this routine if you did you know you've got to hit that subscribe button and also give me a big like I remember guys if you want to get the most out of this quarantine the challenge here today you can also get out milk plan all you need to do is click on the link in the description box below [Music]

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