hey everyone mikayla here with your five minute shoulder workout challenge we'll be moving through ten different moves with no brakes now you don't need any equipment at all but if you'd like to add a set of light dumbbells then you can but i promise you you will be feeling the burn without any equipment at all so let's get to it [Music] all right let's get started step those feet hip width swipe them through the knees and core is turned on reach the arms out to side we've got pulses with palm flips here we go good inhale exhale good keep those elbows lifted throughout good and we're pulling up tall through our spine [Music] might not feel like anything just yet but i promise you by the end you'll be feeling that burnout [Music] all right same thing but we're going up and over as if you're circling around a ball [Music] good really resist it's like we're moving through water good control that movement [Music] all right palms face down we're gonna pulse pulse then forward pulse pulse to the side and forward all right starting here bend those elbows back press forward open side and close inhale exhale inhale exhale good draw those elbows back squeeze shoulder blades together you've got it [Music] nice slow and controlled good now bend those elbows to the side we're gonna rotate forearms up and down good working through those rotator cuffs inhale exhale good see if you can deepen this range of motion here really open up through those shoulders and press down all right arms out to the side we're gonna circle forward good small circles here again we're checking in with those elbows so make sure we don't have some weird chicken arms going on here keep them lifted [Music] i always come back [Music] push through starting to feel that burn all right i'm circling back come on you guys you can do it nice don't drop those arms i know you might be tempted but this is a super short workout so i know you can push through good palms face forward we're going to press palms together then open up to this side exhale inhale good press those hands so you activate the chest muscles squeeze nice squeeze and press [Music] nice draw those shoulder blades back as we draw our arms to the side good palms down we're going up and over forward and side [Music] okay we have one move left all right palms facing back we're doing push backs come on keep those arms up you're almost there [Music] come on you can do it lift those elbows lengthen through your body good five seconds and three two and one shake out those arms okay that was a killer for the shoulders but you made it through thank you guys for joining me in this challenge if you enjoyed this workout don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video and also follow me on my fit by mick instagram account i will see you next time

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