10 min BOOTY WORKOUT to Get Rid of Cellulite + Shape & Natural Lift (No Jumping) ft. Clicknetwork

Hi I'm Emi one of the most requested exercises from you guys as a booty without getting rid of cellulite tighten this entire back area we give our booty lip a natural booty and it's also one of my fitness goals since I started exercising and despite the flat natural booty Jan I'm very happy with my results so far and today I have a very special guest to show you some of the best booty exercises from the clique networks. No sweat today. We're going to do beauty exercises and I have to do that with the enemies. I know you all really like these delicate chores. I personally watch and do it myself. No equipment needed so I'm perfect from the workout. You can do this anywhere at home when you are traveling if you are prepared. Let's go ten exercises to give the booty a natural lift and tighten the entire area including volume and get rid of cellulite We started the first exercise here with the classic air squats working not only the booty but also the calves and even the abs Exercise legs a little wider than shoulder width Sit your hips down and back to the thighs or At least parallel to the floor Reach your arms forward and make sure your chest core is tight so your knees are pointing outward Then squeeze your booty and press into your heels to stand back up while pushing your hip forward The key here is to make sure your core is correct so you can really feel it in the right areas Doing an amazing second exercise For Squat Houses Do the same SLS exercises with this exercise instead of stepping back Pulse for three laps by pressing your shoes together and staying low and then stand up believe it we can make the sun come out let's lose ourselves your leg should start to feel pain and remind yourself why you Here and that's what we're here so let's get to work yeah, the third exercise is front right leg split left left leg put your hands on the way down your butt down until both legs are at a 90 degree angle squeeze your booty to push yourself back up and repeat again chasing the core core up the most important Something for these exercises to work is to really focus on squeezing your glutes together on each rep. Next try to be careful throughout the movement, and really try to imagine isolating your glutes by squeezing them and using them to push yourself up on each rep. We're still flipping cars, but what's going to happen? It starts to get cold and we don't try to understand how it all started in the future but the vision is very deep. Yes Yes Fit is a reverse lunge to keep it going and take it to the next level The exercise is very similar to the last movement but start with your feet together then take a big step back and lower yourself into a reverse lunge for both legs and 90 degree angles you squeeze your booty especially the side of your front leg to push yourself back to the sides Alternative the rest of our lakes are also aching to enjoy the sea fern about halfway SiC is the site lunge that gives us that booty lift and also great sideburns at the same time let's wide side toes pointing Bend one knee and place the hip next to the bent knee until the thigh reaches an angle Approximately 90 degrees press You are good to push us back to the side of Aunt Anna's center and thus twist Let's reach the floor to bridge a section One of the best exercises for the booty Tighten the entire area and get rid of cellulite Flat back on the ground knees Bent to press the booty to leave the hip as high as possible Give it a squeeze Additional at the top to keep your abs in and then lower your butt down to tap gently on the floor Every change has a reason They go slow and controlled Press your muscles hard until you make it count Loose stars out the crow leaving Hey, it's a flip bridge passes into work ports More similar to the last exercises but Instead of lowering your hip to the floor, keep scrolling and keep burning just the last two exercises to go ninth is the ass kick on the right side Get all four booty thrusts while raising your right leg behind you as high as you can press your foot harder at the top and then lower it back down without touching Ground to maintain tension Really feel the place and your right foot is hurting. This is exactly what we want. Enjoy it and keep going as we're going to ass down the last minute from the left side remember the exercise to keep your back nice and controlled so we're targeting the right spot which is our booty and not just swinging our leg back and forth good job. I hope you enjoy bringing the sun together with us and you are feeling Buddhist or it means the exercises are working come back to do this anytime you want to remember that we need to keep the consistency of the cells in progress so don't give up remember to subscribe and turn on the notifications button and also to check out Lynn's fitness videos When you click on the network. See you again very soon you won't remember any pain. No profit

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