Tips on Bloating & Constipation | 100% De-bloat & Poop FAST

hi guys so as you guys can see from a title today I'll be sharing with you my tips on how the trip bloated and constipation so first you have to understand why are you bloating there are three common reasons the first one is your diet so see if you have too much sugar too much salt fizzy drink or you're not having enough fiber and second hormones change so some girls will get bloated or constipated before or during the period this is completely normal that's because your hormones changed and the water retention this would go away after your pear is finished and the third you are constipated and this will lead to bloated as well so what can we do to avoid it my secret weapon is the Chia seed and flaxseed it works every time I tell you every freaking time every time I go travel I get constipated but not after I ate some flaxseed or chia seeds so I just take two spoons of each and then I'll add into yogurt milk or sometimes I just drink it with water but there's one condition in it in order to make it work you have to drink tons of water because if you don't drink enough water it won't expand and it would just stay in there you will get more and more constipated which this lead to our second Point stay hydrated I think this is very easy to understand because you need water to make it move so drink water and the third eat or drink slowly sometimes when you're rushing you are swallowing the air with your food into your stomach so that's how the extra air gets in so I recommend that you take your time to chew and swallow each bite after each bite put your calories down chill for eight to ten times pause for a bit this will also make you lose weight because your brain takes time to realize that oh I'm full stop eating and the fourth eliminate certain food for example like gas costing food like cabbage broccoli onion cauliflower beans these are the most gas costing food and avoid greasy food because high fat will slow your digestion see if you are lactose intolerance because sometimes milk and cheese can cause gas so change your diet and the fifth try probiotics probiotics are the good bacterias in your intestine so take some supplement can help you to reduce gas so back then I took it to find my Eczema I didn't took it because I was constipated or I won't trip loaded I took it because I want to trim my Eczema and somehow I realized that I could actually poop every single day like they are actually pretty good poop like not those kind of poop that you will get when you're in diarrhea so take some probiotics but if you are bloating right now how do you get rid of it fast okay so the fastest solution is to take some medicine it is to be honest but if you don't want to take some pill or some toxic medicine into your body I have some suggestions go for a walk I know it is boring but it is the truth because physical exercise can help you to get the balls moving it is the fast release from gas pressure so every night after dinner I would just go to the gym jump on the treadmill and just walk 20 to 30 minutes you don't have to run just simply walk so if you don't have that time or energy to go out try some yoga poses because it can position your abdominal muscle in a certain way so that it can release some gas and I have that exact video just for bloated I will put it in the cards this is very simple you can do it on your bed and the third try some abdominal massage so the massage followed the path of your large intestine really help so this is easy let me show you so this is your hip bone right this is your rib cage so place your hand right on your right hip bone give a little pressure in go up to your right rib cage and then go to the left and down to the left hip bone then just draw a circle relax your stomach relax your body it is even better if you do it lying down on your bed and the fourth make a ginger tea okay so one of the reason why you're bloating is probably inflammation so there are studies showing that Ginger traditionally is to help to ease your stomach pain if you're in Chinese medicine we believe that it is good if you have period pain and the last one if ginger tea doesn't help try some apple cider vinegar this will help you to balance the good bacterias in your gut promotes better digestion and balance your pH level I tried it it definitely improved digestion but please don't overdo it this is acidic so sometimes I just take a shot and then I mix it with plenty of waters plenty of water okay long story short change your diet and have a healthy lifestyle is the long run please go see a doctor if your symptom persists mine is just my recommendation and something that I do that where works for me but definitely all of our bodies are different so please go find professional if you want to get some help alright thank you so much for watching I hope I helped a little bit stay healthy stay connected I love you guys see you guys in the next one bye foreign [Music] you know I had too many outtakes like too many NGS my camera is just overheated and stopped

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