How To Cure Shin Splints In 5 Minutes Or Less

hi guys dr. Christian is physical therapist personal trainer and nutritionist and as a runner and physical therapist I see a ton of people with shin splints and I myself have had shin splints actually in the recent past and so today I'm going to show you three really easy ways using these fabulous socks a foam roller and the derma edge to get rid of those shin splints and get rid of them fast so the first thing as you can see is I am wearing these socks and they are called compression socks now one of the recommendations for shin splints is to rest and sometimes that's really hard if you're a runner if you have a competition if you have a meet coming up and even if you're into walking sometimes you can get shin splints from that it's hard to rest your legs so these compression socks actually make a huge difference and you can still run sometimes walk and I actually certainly do run when I have these on they look really funny but they help the pain a lot and you can get compression socks anywhere go to your local sporting goods store amazon and some other places online will also offer them so that's step one definitely the socks some people like the compression sleeves and really all that is is just eliminating the foot part however I think the foot part actually makes a difference because shin splints can be through the front here but they can also be off to the side and that muscle that comes down here goes all the way under the bottom of the foot so getting some compression into that foot actually can make a difference so that being said since we just talked about that muscle along there that is one of the muscles that gets tight and sore so we want to loosen that up and get those knots out get that fashion moving so using the foam roller you can put that right underneath the calf and if it's the right leg I like to cross that left leg over and then you do need to push that body up so my butt's actually off the ground and sometimes this is really uncomfortable so if it's too intense you go ahead and just use both legs and again trying to get that whole calf now if you have arm pain shoulder pain wrist or it's just difficult to get into that position that's where the derma ad really comes into play and this is the tool that I created you can actually get on my website at dr. Christian is calm but you take that tool right into that muscle in one direction it's just a little easier on the body to do so that is one muscle and then that was the second part the third muscle that you really want to address is right that shin muscle right on the front there so I have found that using the derma edge is the easiest just because it's right by that bone so again taking that derma edge rolling all the way down one direction and you'll feel that it'll be a little crunchy bumpy the same thing goes with the foam roller you want to do each of those techniques until you go oh well geez that doesn't feel as painful that doesn't feel as crunchy his bumpy is yucky you can do it directly over clothing if you want to do it on the skin you can as well but it's usually easier to just do it when you've got your clothing on already so step one rest in compression socks step number two get those muscles in the calf there step number three get that muscle in the shin so once you loosen all of that up and stop some of that inflammation you'll notice this blue excuse me you'll notice a significant difference and got so excited in pain in those shin muscles so if you liked this video click that like button subscribe to my channel and leave any comments you have for me below check out my website dr. christian Escom and stay tuned for more thanks

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